Woolsey Scott was the werewolf who founded the Praetor Lupus.


Early life

Woolsey was born to a respectable werewolf family,[1] after his older brother, Ralf.[2] Their parents were both killed by Shadowhunters because of a misunderstanding and misjudgment, and Woolsey had since been raised by his brother.[3] Despite having opposite personalities and ambitions, Ralf gave him the space to become his own person, which resonated with Woolsey for the rest of his life.[4]

During the attempt to sign the First Accords, Ralf, who was an active promoter of the Accords among the Downworlders, tried to persuade other werewolves to support the peace treaty with Shadowhunters. Woolsey, however, wanted nothing to do with it; while he did not attend the 1857 meeting at the London Institute, he did spot Magnus Bane, a warlock with whom he would later become good friends, for the first time that day, and gave him a wink before leaving.[3] In 1863, Woolsey had another encounter with Magnus in Hamburg, after which Woolsey owed Magnus a favor.[2]

Some time after the First Accords, Ralf was killed by vampires, led by Alexei de Quincey, for his romantic relationship with Camille Belcourt.[5] In the 1800s, Woolsey was voted in as the new head of the London werewolf pack, which placed the task of avenging the death of Ralf in the name of the pack on him. He soon founded the Praetor Lupus in memory of his brother, with the intention of using the organization to help "orphaned" Downworlders. Despite his initial reluctance to do so, he continued to run the organization for years in order to honor his brother's wishes.[2]

Problems with Mortmain

After Will Herondale saw werewolves purchasing yin fen in bulk and overheard that it pleased the Magister because it kept them working all night at an ifrit-run drug den, Charlotte Branwell became concerned that the werewolves might be in league with Axel Mortmain just as the vampires had, and that the Downworlders had felt betrayed by how the Institute dealt with de Quincey. Charlotte immediately set a meeting with Woolsey to clear the air.

At the Institute, he and Charlotte walked in on Will and Tessa Gray speaking in the drawing room, and he mistook them for a couple. Woolsey insisted that their political business be discussed in the presence of the couple and after tea and a cigar. When Charlotte and Will finally expressed their concerns, Woolsey told them that he and his brethren would not have felt betrayed and were in fact grateful because he despised de Quincey for his involvement in Ralf's murder.

He was pleased to hear that de Quincey died screaming and went on to say that he knew of Mortmain's dealings with werewolves, but they were not a part of any pack. He also told them that he had been approached by Mortmain to join the Pandemonium Club, though he refused to do so because de Quincey was already a member. He pointed out that Mortmain was obsessed in avenging his parents' death through the destruction of the Nephilim, and that Mortmain's werewolves may be causing a shortage of the drug their friend Jem Carstairs needed. Charlotte then asked Woolsey to send out feelers to investigate what it was the werewolves were doing for Mortmain. When Woolsey tried to divert the attention to Charlotte's personal life, she immediately changed the topic.

Some time after, Magnus Bane went and stayed with him after his break up with Camille Belcourt. Magnus and Woolsey quickly began a relationship with each other, though they both agreed it was merely a physical relationship, rather than a romantic one.

When Will came to his house on Magnus's call, Woolsey teased him, much to Magnus's disapproval. Woolsey then left them alone, and allowed them to use his brother's old room to summon Marbas for questioning. Woolsey observed him and Magnus and initiated a discussion about him, asking Magnus how much he charged Will for summoning the demon for him. Magnus replied that Will had done him a favor that he doesn't even remember, referring to their kiss. Woolsey reminded Magnus that he cannot save every fallen bird, even the handsome ones.[2]

Bane and the Nephilim

Will Herondale and Tessa Gray went to Woolsey Scott's house at 16 Cheyne Walk to talk to Magnus Bane. Woolsey allowed them to come inside. Will and Tessa explained that they needed Magnus's help to find more yin fen for Jem, because Mortmain's minions had already bought all of the demon drug in London. Magnus was hesitant to help Will and Tessa to look for more yin fen. Woolsey made an offhand comment regarding how Jem's death would allow Will to have Tessa, as he was clearly in love with her, but he infuriated Will. Will and Woolsey got into a fight with one another, which Magnus eventually broke up by shoving Woolsey away and dragging Will with him to the library. This left Tessa, who was still holding a fireplace poker as a weapon, with Woolsey.

Magnus and Will talked in the library, where Magnus agreed to help him find yin fen for Jem. Magnus also gave Will Camille's ruby necklace, which can detect when demons are near. Woolsey continued to talk to Tessa, where he pointed out that Tessa is just like the Shadowhunters whom she loves so much, and also confessed that he knew she was deeply in love with both Will and Jem. Though Tessa was offended by his bluntness, Woolsey reminded her that regardless of what happens to Will or Jem, Tessa will always have a great second option, and that most people are only lucky enough to have one great love in their life, and she managed to find two. He then joked that women were something he had never understood, which he believed to be the point of them. Woolsey went on to inform Tessa that Magnus seemed convinced she is warlock although she bears no mark; he, on the other hand, believes she is one of the fey. Tessa and Will left Woolsey's house together while Will told Tessa that Magnus had agreed to help them. Woolsey gave Magnus his snuffbox as a gift, since it was made of silver, which he cannot touch as a werewolf. Woolsey and Magnus then discussed Will and his happiness. Woolsey decided to travel and see the countryside while Magnus stayed behind to seek out yin fen.

Will made a pit stop at Green Man Inn while on his crusade to rescue Tessa from Mortmain. Woolsey was at the inn with a group of young werewolf members of his pack. Woolsey saw Will enter the inn and was curious as to why he was there. Later, Will's parabatai bond with Jem was broken and Will believed that Jem had truly died. Woolsey's young pack members confronted Will outside by the stable, which leads to a distressed Will to fight off Woolsey's young pack members; tapping into his anger and grief about Jem's "death," he knocked two of the werewolves unconscious and kills a third. Woolsey demanded that Will stop, since he had killed a member of his pack. Woolsey told Conrad to run, so he vanished behind the stables. Woolsey asked Will about his parabatai's death, which Will was not ready to hear. Will asked for Woolsey's advice about what to do, so Woolsey told him to do what Jem would have wanted, before he stalked back toward the inn. At the end of the novel, Magnus told Will that he and Woolsey had quickly worn out each other's company, implying the end of their relationship.[6]

Later life and legacy

At some point, Woolsey pointed out that he did not need to ever consider the possibility of him ever marrying anyone, since he hailed from an old and respectable werewolf family,[7] and as a result, he had nephews who could carry on the family name for him.[6] Because of this, the leadership of the Praetor Lupus has since been passed down through the generations of Scotts through the organization's history.

By 2007, the organization was run by a descendant of Woolsey. When his friend Magnus Bane saw the Praetor Lupus medallion around Jordan Kyle's neck, he mentioned that he had known Woolsey, the organization's original founder. The information did not prompt the reaction Magnus had hoped, however, since it only made his boyfriend, Alec Lightwood, realize that he was a former flame of Magnus. Despite Alec's suspicions, Magnus never confirmed his relationship with Woolsey, even when Alec found the snuffbox that Woolsey had given to Magnus over a century before. Since Magnus neither confirmed nor denied the identity of the snuffbox's original owner, Alec originally thought it had belonged to Will, as he had heard that name brought up before.[7][1]


Woolsey was a seemingly carefree man, though, despite his doubts, was honorable enough to want to honor his brother's dying wishes.

Physical description

Woolsey was a tall man. He was slender, almost slight, and had long, blond hair, and green eyes.



  • Woolsey used to carry his own pair of gold tongs and a teaspoon, in case he was ever served with silverware.[2]
  • Apparently, Woolsey was the last werewolf Magnus dated.[8]
  • Woolsey was gay, hence his comment about potentially having to marry and have children to continue his family's name if he did not have nephews.[6][9]