The Wayland manor was the home of the Wayland family in Idris. It neighbored the Fairchild manor.


It was home to the Wayland family for generations. In the early 1990s, Jocelyn Morgenstern hid the Book of the White in the mansion's library, in a cookbook which she doubted Valentine would ever open. When Valentine Morgenstern killed Michael Wayland and his son, he moved into the country estate while using his identity. There, he raised Stephen Herondale's son as his own. He also bound the angel Ithuriel to the house and kept him in the cellar. When Valentine faked his death in front of Jace, the house was left abandoned.


In 2007, Clary and Jace went to the house to get the Book of the White, which they found right where Jocelyn had put it years before. They also found Ithuriel in a hidden cellar. After releasing him, Ithuriel released his soul by killing himself in the mortal world. The magic that bound his life force to the house broke and caused the house to collapse.

Notable residents

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