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The Wayland family was an old, wealthy, and influential Shadowhunter family.


Historically, the Wayland family is famously known as the weapon makers of the Nephilim before the Iron Sisters.[1] Wayland the Smith is even credited as the first Shadowhunter weapons maker, famous for forging a number of legendary blades, including Cortana and Excalibur.[2] Some of his descendants would continue his legacy and make weapons that continue to exist and be revered even years later.[3]

In 1869, Josiah Wayland was chosen by the Council to serve as Consul. Before then, the Waylands were good friends with the Fairchild family, particularly Josiah and Granville, Charlotte's father and then head of the London Institute. Upon Granville's dying wish, Wayland named Charlotte his successor as the head of the Institute. Ten years later, after finishing his term, he was replaced by Charlotte Branwell.[4]

Michael Wayland was a member of the Circle in its early days, an organization whose goals he soon doubted. He and his son Jonathan, the last known Waylands, died in a fire in the Fairchild manor caused by Valentine Morgenstern, some time after the Uprising. After their supposed death, Valentine took their identities for him and Stephen Herondale's son. They were believed to have been living in isolation in Idris for years before the truth was revealed in 2007.[5]

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The Wayland symbol reflects the significance of their family name, which was derived from Wayland the Smith. Their seal is in the shape of a horseshoe, and their family ring has a pattern of horseshoes or nails.[6] Another Wayland symbol is a blacksmith's hammer.[7]