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“Their world was not the same shape as the one she knew.”

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Wales countryside

Wales is a mountainous country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain.



In 1857, Edmund Herondale and his wife Linette moved to Wales and lived near Dolgellau in the shadow of Cadair Idris for years, until their daughter Ella died and son Will disappeared. By 1876, Edmund had gambled their house away and they were forced to move.[1]

Shadow World

In the 1870s, Axel Mortmain took up residence in Cadair Idris to work on his automatons in seclusion. Due to the reputation of the mountain—that it was a site for dark magic and home to the Wild Huntmundanes steered clear of it.[1]


  • Llyn Cau
  • Llyn Mwyngil, also known as Tal-y-Llyn, the lake that serves as an entrance into Cadair Idris.
  • Dolgellau, a small village.
  • Cwm Cau


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