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Vlad III was the ruler of Wallachia credited as being partly responsible for the beginning, and spread, of vampirism—a belief that has been accepted as fact which the Nephilim supposedly have multiple written accounts—from those who claim to have been present—and thus seem very certain of.


During a public ceremony in 1444 at the Court of Wallachia, in what is now Romania, Vlad III had a great circle of prisoners of war impaled on tall wooden spikes for a massive blood-based sacrifice to summon the Greater Demon Hecate. In exchange for the sacrifice, Vlad and the large majority of his court were transformed by Hecate into the first vampires.

A few years later, Vlad led a series of raids into neighboring Transylvania, where he and his men gorged themselves and spread vampirism through the entire region. The city of Cluj became the site of the first vampire clan officially recognized by the Clave, and Transylvania became the epicenter of the vampire epidemic. Eventually, Vlad died, and vampire activity in Wallachia diminished to near silence, though there wasn't much in the area to begin with.[1]


  • Vlad III is based on a real historical figure often referred to as the real Dracula.[2]


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