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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Vivianne Penhallow was a Shadowhunter and a member of the Penhallow family. She was a young teacher and the dean of the Shadowhunter Academy.



Vivianne was a young woman whose connections with Consul Jia Penhallow put her in good graces. Simon Lewis had assumed that it was this relationship that enabled her to come into position as the dean of the Academy, despite her young age and evident lack of experience.


In light of the Dark War, the Academy was set to open and begin training the next generation of Shadowhunters. However, several hiccups made the opening of the Academy in September 2008 quite a failure, including the lack of food supplies and deplorable state of the Academy itself.

Nevertheless, during her time as dean, Vivianne was friendly and fair with her students and colleagues, treating them all equally, as denoted by her refusal to call the mundane stream of the Academy pupils "dregs".[1]

Cohort's era

In 2012, Vivianne attended the war council meeting Julian Blackthorn called at the Los Angeles Institute to discuss their stance against the Cohort's rule.

After the meeting, Vivianne Portaled to Idris with the others for the mandatory viewing of the Cohort's parley and was among the Shadowhunters held back inside Alicante waiting for the gates to open when the battle broke out on the Imperishable Fields against the Cohort and the Unseelie faeries loyal to Oban. When at last the gates were opened, she went on to join the battle on the field and was killed.[2]


Vivianne was a very cheerful person, who respected mundanes and Downworlders as much as Shadowhunters, treating everyone as equals.[1]

Physical description

Vivianne was tall and had long strawberry-blond hair.[1]