Veselka is a Ukrainian diner on the corner of Ninth Street and Second Avenue, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York.


The diner serves vegetarian pierogi, borscht, blintzes, cakes, rugelach, Danishes, coffee, and more. As long as a customer orders coffee every half-hour, they would be allowed to stay. The diner is open 24/7.


Before encountering the Shadow World, it had been one of Clary and Simon's favorite haunts, and they often stayed there when she was still taking classes at Tisch, being somewhat close to the area.

In October 2007, Simon met Isabelle Lightwood at the diner for a date. Because he had become a vampire, Simon was incapable of eating and only ordered coffee. Their date was cut short by Camille's human subjugates, Archer and Walker, who came to accompany Simon to their master.

By then, the restaurant had already put up Halloween decorations. It had a sign that read 'TRICK-OR-BORSCHT!' as well as a cardboard cutout of Count Blintzula, which they'd also used in the past.