Valerie "Val" Freire is an artist and designer. She is the designer of the runes of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.


Valerie and Cassandra Clare shared images of the runes online, through their respective websites, where she also released some bonus but unofficial runes.[1] For the runes, she used the Runic alphabet (futhark), Icelandic magical staves, and the Scytho-Sarmatian Runes as her basis.[2]

Val is acknowledged at the end of The Shadowhunter's Codex, credited for her rune designs and thanked by Cassie for "her inspiration."[3] Her rune designs were also used for the graphic novel, film and TV adaptations,[4] though new ones not by Val were also created for the latter.[5]

After over a decade since creating the first runes, she designed 30 new runes which were released with the first editions of Lord of Shadows.[6]


  • Clary Fray was originally named after her: During the early stages of the development of City of Bones, the protagonist was named Valerie Frayre, then Valerie Frayne, before her first name was changed to Clary and the surname was trimmed down to "Fray".[7]
  • Val drew fanart and some commissioned pieces for the series, some of which were featured on the series' official site during its early days.[8][9]
  • Her runes appeared on a page in a book briefly seen in an Agent Carter episode.[10]


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