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Valentine's ship was a vessel that briefly served as the headquarters of Valentine Morgenstern.


Valentine's ship was almost as long as, if not longer than, a football field. It was unmarked and entirely black—even its windows painted black. It had a narrow prow, a wide deck, and a long, narrow cabin serving as the entrance to the bowels of the ship, which contained many railed metal walkways and broken machinery. At the very bottom of the ship was the cargo hold where Valentine kept his prisoners.

The ship was in very poor condition, covered in rust and full of broken machinery; many of its electronics did not work. It was warded against intruders and guarded by the Greater Demon Agramon.[1]

The ship was protected by powerful wards, typically only allowing access to the ship if Valentine permitted it, killing anyone else who would have attempted an unsanctioned entry.


In 2007, Valentine opted to hide out on the ship, sailing around the waters of New York—particularly in the East River and the Long Island Sound—as being surrounded by a large body water made it harder to track Valentine, disrupting even the spell used by Magnus Bane to track him. Valentine had some of the demons he had summoned on the ship. Valentine also operated the ship to get to a point near Manhattan where the wards were thin.

When Valentine kidnapped the Downworlders Maia and Simon for the Ritual of Infernal Conversion, he kept them prisoner in the ship's hull.

Jace, having tortured Valentine's location out of a Raum demon, made his way onto the ship via a flying motorcycle. Valentine, having anticipated his arrival, let him past the wards. After Jace was able to confirm the ship's location, he told Inquisitor Herondale, who had been too vengeful to listen then, so Jace escaped. With Clary and Luke as backup, he went back, and Magnus managed to get Jace and Luke through the protection wards, while Clary was delivered to Valentine by a demon.

The Inquisitor and the others later arrived, realizing her mistake—it had been too late to act officially, and so she and the New York Conclave were unable to call for reinforcements and had to charge with their limited numbers. The battle against Valentine's demons resulted in many Shadowhunters' deaths. After fighting Valentine alongside Jace and Simon, Clary used her unique rune powers to draw an extremely powerful Open rune which tore the ship apart and caused it to burn down.[1]


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