Valentine's apartment was an apartment that belonged to Valentine Morgenstern.


This apartment was laced with magic, able to move in and out of worlds—specifically, between dimensions. Because of this, the apartment is also able to appear and disappear from one location to another on Earth. When used to travel, it travels through dimensions, and when it passes through points where dimensions intersect, dimensional pockets are created. The apartment remains in these pockets, preventing it from being tracked.

The apartment had no front door; one needed to know how to get in and out of the apartment, which involved some form of magic. When exiting the apartment, the would walls seemingly melt around the person/s leaving and they would end up outside. When entering the apartment, they would only have to approach the building the apartment is glamoured as, walk through its wall, and open a door.

The apartment had two floors. The first floor consisted of the living room and the dining room combined, and one bedroom. The apartment's walls were white plaster and filled with appliances that were mostly black. The first floor had glass pendant light fixtures—made of cut black glass—on the ceiling. Its receiving room was large, with the dining table—a long glass and steel table—and its black leather chairs took up half of the room, along with a fireplace with a chrome frame. The other half had a large television screen, a black coffee table with video games, and low leather couches.

A clear, glass spiral staircase led to the second floor, which, like the first floor, also had white walls and a black floor. This floor had a long corridor that leads to three bedrooms.


The master's bedroom was where Valentine kept the new clothes, shoes, and cosmetic products he'd bought for Jocelyn. Most of its space was taken up by a huge rosewood four-poster bed with white curtains. It had windows tinted with a dark blue.

The bedroom on the first floor, used by Clary during her time there, had no windows. It had a small glass-and-chrome bathroom, also with no windows, with a copper claw-footed bathtub.

One of the bedrooms on the second floor became Jace's, and the one next to it was Sebastian's. Jace kept his room neat, like his room at the New York Institute. He brought his Herondale dagger and used it to pin a photo of him and Clary on the wall. The room had a bed with ebonized wood, with Italian, French, and Latin books stacked by the bed.

Meanwhile, Sebastian's room was messy, from the bed to the clothes and gear scattered across the room, to the mess of books and papers on the glass and steel desk in the room. Sebastian also kept his mother's box on the nightstand near the bed.


Valentine used the apartment as a retreat and as a mode of travel. He sometimes brought his son Jonathan to teach him how to operate the apartment's magic. Valentine, not generally inclined towards luxuries and technology himself, had filled the house with modern appliances for Jocelyn, in case she ever decided to rejoin him.

In October 2007, some time after Valentine's death, Jonathan—now going by Sebastian—entered the apartment with a brainwashed Jace. The pair used the apartment to travel while in hiding, evading any of the Shadowhunters' and warlocks' attempts of tracking them.

In November that year, Jace brought Clary to the apartment.

Clary destroyed the apartment using a rune that looked like an unfinished opening rune.


  • According to Maryse, they were momentarily able to find Jace on their tracking map in London, Rome, and Shanghai, indicating that the apartment was used to travel to these places as well in 2007.


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