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Hi, I'm "Red". I love Wikia. I find its mere existence so convenient, so I am around a lot. I love being able to contribute to the experience of others as well. I love a lot of stuff (books, shows, movies, video games, comic books, graphic novels, etc.), and every time I get hooked on something new, I tend to always go to its respective wiki and look to them as guides, and I sometimes also end up contributing and helping around a bit.


I am currently an active admin at the Shadowhunters (and its TV) wiki.

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  • Trying to focus on life so I'm not on here as much as I'd like, but this wiki is still very much my baby. <3 ~ redwall64 06:11, July 2, 2020 (UTC)
  • I haven't read Chain of Gold yet, don't kill me. So I definitely won't be editing TLH pages much. I'll read




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Series favs


Complete, expand, and/or fix character biographies:


(I don't plan on doing this right now, it's not a priority, but for those interested.) Write and/or fix book recaps and summaries for:


  • Over-all clean-up of:
    • Articles
    • Category structure
    • Template messages
    • Other templates
    • Making tutorials and policies more visible to new users
    • Images, sp. crediting, licensing, & linking to sources


Personal theories

With two more Shadowhunter trilogies (TLH & TWP) upon us, I decided to add this section on my page where I will be sharing my theories, predictions, or hopes/wishes for the series. If you read them, feel free to message me if you feel like discussing it! ;)

  • TLH:
  • TWP:
    • I think the issue of more and more demons getting through the world's wards will be brought up and worsened at one point before the conclusion of the series, then resolved at the end. Either the Incursion will become less severe (which I think is more likely) or will end (though if that happens, their will be little need for Shadowhunters anymore; they could continue to hunt down the remaining demons, but after that, they will be just ordinary people; doing this would close the series from any Nephilimic future, unless a new conflict that requires, or involves, their kind arises. So I think by the end, the need for Shadowhunters will either be done or at least minimized because of a found solution to the Incursion—like they're still useful as the sort of policing force in the Shadow World, and while there are lesser demons by then, there are still some and so they remain necessary.) //// That or just the gateway to Thule will close. Shadow World stays the same.
  • Any; before or by the end of the series:
    • We will meet characters who are:
      • half-werewolf, half-Shadowhunter
      • werewolf-born
      • Shadowhunter Turned into a vampire
    • A Shadowhunter will fall in love with a mundane, and will either leave to be with the mundane, or momentarily sacrifice the love but, racked with guilt and heartbreak, eventually leave to be with the person...? And maybe this will come into play in the future and become such a big deal or story that it will affect others' views of this. Like maybe someday, probably by TWP, by the end, a law will be set that will finally allow for the intermarriage of Shadowhunters to mundanes, possibly bec. this story might move people (even years after it should have) and encourage them to finally do something about it. (Take note that by this point while typing this, I have lost all sense. I need sleep, obviously, and it's making me incredibly cheesy.)
    • We might (at least, I hope) see what has happened to all the remaining, living characters from all the series.
    • (Wishful thinking.) Clace, Sizzy, and/or Jessa (maybe even Luke & Jocelyn?) have kids whom we'll meet in later books. I see some of them being named: Max, William (Jessa baby!!), maybe Amatis, and even Jordan. Jonathan/Sebastian's unlikely, but still also possible. Green-eyed little Jonathan Herondale/Fairchild whom Clary is determined to raise well, maybe? 0_0
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