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Hey to the random person reading my bio! Wassup? How's your day going?

Things about me:

You can call me Alex! I also have an Wattpad account, so if u wanna chat, hit me up there. Its the same as my fandom account : Reader1046

Writes book reviews & my own stories on a blog:

I love to read! (as you can probably tell :))

I'm a mix of a Herondale and Lightwood, but my Herondale self is a bit more prominent.

I really like writing and am working on a book right now!

My parabatai and cognate is Bookhead387/Remi and she introduced me to so many books and I couldn’t be happier to have her as my parabatai-cognate. 👉👈🤜

My favorite series by Cassandra Clare:

- The Infernal Devices! 🥰😭😍 This series is amazing!!! If you've read the series then you know what I mean and you feel my pain. If you haven't then what are you waiting for?!?! *glares at parabatai since she hasn't read it*

Favorite TSC Ship:

By the Angel, this'll be good.

*takes a deep breath*

- Wessa

- Clace

- Malec

- Jessa

- Jemma

- Kitty

- Mathwater (aka Matthew and sobriety)

Not in any order btw ^^

Favorite TSC Character:

hehe basically male Herondales 😝

- William Herondale

- Jace Herondale

- Jem Carstairs

- Tessa Gray

- Julian Blackthorn

- Emma Carstairs

- Matthew Fairchild

- Alec Lightwood

- Isabelle Lightwood

- Anna Lightwood

- James Herondale

So... yeah. If ur still here then, thanks for learning about my fangirl self!!