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About Me

Heyo! I go by Shark or Wiki usually or Faith which is part of my real name. Still, you can also call me Outspaced or J. I got into The Shadowhunter Chronicles early last year since I wasn't allowed to read them as a kid because I was very nightmare-prone. I don't think I'll make a very good Shadowhunter because I'm sensitive to noise and visual stimuli. Also, I usually have the reaction time of someone who has just woken up. Still, I think I would be able to help a lot in the non-combat aspects.

I'm autistic so I'm a bit slow to get jokes sometimes and I'm bad at reading social cues so please be patient with me! I'm never trying to be rude but the words might come out wrongly and lead to misunderstandings. I tend to be quite factual in my word choice when talking about theories and such but everyone is entitled to their own opinion until it disrespects someone's existence so I'm not necessarily arguing with you, just trying to input my thoughts. I'm also very literal-minded and may not understand what you're trying to say unless you're being direct about it. Usually, I am able to guess but I would rather not do that as it can lead to miscommunication. I also hope that I can contribute to this wiki since I have an eye for detail but everything already seems so comprehensive that I'm intimidated. I'm open to long conversations and far-fetched theories so talk to me if you want.

Note that I'm signed in to my account of my laptop, my phone, a trusted friend's laptop (but usually signed out), and occasionally on an incognito tab on the school computers, resulting in several IP addresses associated with this. If there are any trolls from the same IP address but not my account, it is definitely not me and merely because other people have access to the school computers too. To give you a rough gauge of when I'm online, my timezone is GMT +8 and I'm in school for most of the day.

I'm outspaced-writes and alas-pancakes on Tumblr and just outspaced on AO3. Come say hi?


WIP Project

Last Updated: 8 September 2020

Other stories are missing their plots but, as of now, these are the ones that I wish to tackle as the stories are either short or I own the physical book. Add and clean up the plots of these stories, in approximate order of ease:

Add or edit personalities for the following characters, in no particular order:

  • Create a page for Seelie Lands
    • Create a skeleton first, can add history over time.
    • Not much is known of the different locations
  • Add chronicles to GotSM stories as I add plots
  • Note down details from TID/TMI reread, check if present in wiki. If not, add.
  • Actually get started on re-reading TID
  • Double the check the accuracy of the information on Chinese culture in lBW
    • Update my headcanons and thoughts after reading!

Headcanons and thoughts

  • Headcanoned autistic or otherwise neurodivergent Shadowhunters:
  • Mark Blackthorn and Helen Blackthorn both understand their younger half brother, Ty Blackthorn better than most without trying that hard to get to know him like Julian had to not because they are the oldest but because of their faerie heritage. Due to their ancestry, they see the world a little differently from most, partially because of how there are treated by many full-blood Shadowhunters and because of how they had to learn once how the world worked in Faerie and again in the human world. They understand how Ty navigates the world differently from neurotypicals.
    • In the past, many autistic children were thought to be changelings which might contribute to the similarities in faerie and autistic children growing up outside of the Lands.
  • While there typically aren't such terms within the shadowhunting community, due to them shunning any form of mundane medical or health care, there are autistic Shadowhunters and there have always been. Sometimes these Shadowhunters are too few and far between to form a community since most don't even know what they are, they find their own coping mechanisms and often it overlaps from Shdowhunter to Shadowhunter.
  • There are runes that can be used to help autistic Shadowhunters cope.
    • Protection runes have been found to make high sensory input more bearable for certain Shadowhunters, usually those who are sensitive.
    • Iratzes are also used in high sensory places when the bright lights or noise makes it painful to be in that area.
    • Some autistic Shadowhunters who are prone to violent meltdowns and to lashing out in anger sometimes place Calm Anger runes on themselves. However, this is used sparingly. Some parents place these on their young children in secret when they view the children's meltdowns as attention-seeking tantrums. However, this should not be done.
  • Some autistic Shadowhunters love gear and how form-fitting it is and how it provides slight pressure while others hate how it's made of leather and rubs against their skin. Those who truly cannot stand it may choose to not wear it, going against social norms. The clothes they wear for combat will be marked with runes, like those for protection and strength, but they will generally be more vulnerable than other Shadowhunters. Some choose to wear a comfortable but thin shirt and tights under their gear instead.
  • Autistic Shadowhunters tend to memorize facts about the different demons out of interest and to aid themselves in combat. However, this is not true of all of them and is just a general statement.
  • Young autistic Shadowhunters are occasionally assumed to be a faerie baby swapped with the real child. Others joke that autistic Shadowhunters are secretly fair folk due to their different mannerisms and seemingly irrational behavior. While this is a harmful assumption, many autistic Shadowhunters find themselves connected well with some fair folk.

近水知鱼性, 近山识鸟音。
  • Known Chinese Shadowhunter families include the Wang Family and the Ke Family.
  • Shadowhunters come from various clans. While Ke is a shadowhunting family, not every Ke one meets is a Shadowhunter.
  • Red isn't only ceremonial. Many Chinese Shadowhunters were red accessories for luck and courage, some adorning their weapons and gear with small amounts of red.
  • Lunar New Year is a big deal and the first day is spent celebrating at the institutes. Other days are left untouched for visitation. On the first day, all Chinese Shadowhunters gather at the nearest institute and have a full day of celebration although the most important event is at night where everyone gathers for a steamboat dinner in batches. The older ones gamble and amuse themselves after while the children all go to a room to play games and talk and bond.
  • The Mid-Autumn Festival is another occasion where Chinese Shadowhunters gather to celebrate. While most of the celebrations are done the same way as mundanes, they set up an amazing race for the children which they have to complete in teams before their lanterns burn out.
  • For the Winter Solstice, children spend the day making tangyuan which everyone eats that night. Over the years, some have strayed from the traditional round ones and started making sculptures. They compete to see who can make the most complex one that can withstand the boiling and win the elders' approval. While most Shadowhunters don't live very long, those who become grandparents find themselves the judges of this contest. Anyone who succeeds is of utmost respect.
  • During Qingming, the Chinese Shadowhunters who observe this day usually go to the Silent City to pay their respects. While they do not burn anything or present offerings, they clean the area. Sometimes ghosts appear to see their families.
  • Chinese Shadowhunters treasure their family names and their culture. While they aren't old-fashioned, they cling to their heritage as it is a source of pride and it reminds them of who they are. They make a conscious effort to learn Chinese, be in touch with their culture, know how to cook Chinese food, and even speak their respective dialects. They also give their children Chinese names as much as possible.
    • Aline has a Chinese name and speaks Chinese but doesn't get many opportunities too. She wishes she spent more time in Beijing sometimes.
    • Jem gave Mina a Chinese name and his Chinese surname for this reason.
  • Some Chinese warlocks used to partake in the practice of animating bodies of people who had died outside their hometown so they could be brought back and buried. It is not strictly necromancy and has a long culture but with the recent developments, there is less and less call for this service and it is too risky to do as the Clave might count it as necromancy.
  • Chinese Shadowhunters do not need to adhere to the One-Child Policy if their other children are born in Idris or in institutes where documents can be forged. This is due to the fact that Shadowhunters often die young and are at risk if their numbers shrink due to the policy.

Generally, A's a pink/red, C's are yellow and E's are green. J's are blue/green and T's are grey. These are the colors I associate with characters!

  • Aline: light pink, white-gray-silver
  • Anna: wine/cranberry red, black but not so intense
  • Christopher: lemon yellow, lime green
  • Cordelia: bronze with yellow tones
  • Cristina: sepia, latte, and something distinctly yellow
  • Emma: gold-yellow, a touch of green
  • Helen: celeste blue, cream, muted teal
  • Jem: midnight blue, something close to celeste blue, silver
  • Julian: the exact color of cool mint Listerine
  • Kieran: every shade of blue, black-silver
  • Lily: bubblegum pink, yellow, some blue, and a little crimson
  • Lucie: baby/powder blue, some kind of glowy, unearthly blue as well
  • Magnus: electric blue, light lemon yellow but shiny
  • Mark: aqueduct turquoise, buttermilk yellow
  • Tessa: faded lilac, pearl river grey
  • Ty: shades of grey, silvery, the color of stormy water with something lying below


  • Jem and Mark Blackthorn are two characters that are incredibly strong despite their trauma. Many characters are strong like this, including Julian Blackthorn who had to grow up faster than he should have. Sadly, growing up face and experiencing traumatic events is the norm for Shadowhunter children but these are some instances that particularly stick out to me.
  • Some experience trauma related to a particular demon, such as Aline due to a bad experience with them. I particularly like how this was somewhat addressed in The Red Scrolls of Magic as it makes it more realistic and it didn't just become a scene that was left dangling.
  • Because of this environment that Shadowhunter children grow up in, some may wonder if this is technically abuse. After all, the children did not choose this life. They were born into this family and have to take up the mandate to fight this battle, which is expected of them. At the same time, if nobody takes up this battle, who will? Is the wellbeing of Shadowhunter children sacrificed for the good of the world? It's not fair, but it's necessary.
  • Shadowhunters are given an option to be stripped of their marks and live their lives as mundanes but so much stigma surrounds this choice that it's not really one at all. All they have done is provide the illusion of an option, other than to those most desperate.


  • Sophie Collins shows signs of an anxiety disorder but this could also be linked to the trauma. It is likely that she developed this after trauma but also possible that she has always been this way. (First mentioned by CJ)
  • More to be added

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