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Extras & Help

The basis of this section is just if you have any questions or need some help, feel free to ask. I have often said I am a walking plethora of useless knowledge. A lot of that is on TSC. I by-no-means know everything, but I do know a decent amount and would be glad to help out.

I also have all the extra content that has ever been made. Some of them can't go on to the wiki yet as Cassie hasn't shared them herself to make them non-exclusive. But nevertheless, I have them and am more than willing to share them over email. So if there's an extra you've heard of but isn't on the wiki, post on my message board or message me over my discord at the top.

My Theories

I've posted some of my theories on the discussions page in the past but I think this is a better place for them as they won't get lost. Since I will be giving descriptions and reasonings behind each theory I have placed a spoiler warning and highly recommend not reading these if you haven't read everything yet!

If you really like any of my theories and would like to simply say so or discuss them; post on my message wall or message me over discord as I have a link to my discord at the top. I'd love to hear feedback and opinions. Also if you want to add one of mine to your theory page, please give credit. Thanks. Anyway enjoy!

P.S. I add and update this a lot so if you enjoy my theories check back often.

May Contain Spoilers

  • Magnus's love interest in CoI will be Hypatia
    • Cassie has stated Magnus will have a love interest in the next book and that it is someone we have met in ChoG. Because Alec is Magnus's first Shadowhunter, that leaves very few possibilities. So really we are looking at Downworlders we met at the Hell Ruelle.
    • We know it's not Lily or Malcolm. I would guess possibly Kellington, but I believe Woolsey was Magnus's last werewolf. As of ChoG, Hypatia has stated that she's never met him and may not seem to like him very much but I think a hate-to-love relationship is possible. Esp considering her comments in RSoM about them having been quite close at one point (and her knowing some of his secrets). So I think she is a strong contender for a fling (though Kellington is my second guess).
  • Cortana will break
    • It's mentioned in LM that Cortana was once broken. Though Emma denies it, I believe it's more likely Arthur is right as all the stories are true.
    • I am not sure how it is broken though I believe it will either be broken by Belial—as he'd be strong enough to and clearly wants it gone—or in an attempt to cut the bracelet (or some other magical spell that may present itself). Of course I think it could and should be able to break the bracelet (because it is supposed to be able to cut anything) but you never know.
  • Christopher invents the fire message
    • Cassie has said that we will see the invention of the fire message in TLH (and obviously we know Christopher is an inventor who wants to help advance the Shadow World).
    • In the short Days Past – Christopher, he makes this comment after having found out of Jesse’s death: “But the Silent Brothers only hold certain kinds of wisdom. What if there was a different kind that could have saved Jesse?” (He has these thoughts again when Anna was bitten by a demon.)
    • Now the main premise of fire messages is to be able to share information quickly and immediately (yes it’s also used for personal correspondence). I think this is where he gets the idea. The Silent Brothers did what they could, but if they had a means to correspond with other people who had other forms of knowledge quickly, they could potentially save more lives. (Not necessarily but it seems that is his thought process to me and it makes sense.)
      • This is essentially confirmed by his attempt of sending messages with fire runes in ChoG but I am not moving it to proven till it has happened as a lot can happen between now and then. Henry may pick up the work or Magnus may solve the problem again.
  • The Carstairs debt to Herondales is that Lucie saves Alastair's life
    • The Carstairs-Herondale debt has always bugged me as it's never explained. In GotSM Jem mentions that it is a life debt. So clearly it's not the standard parabatai relationship between Jem and Will or anything in TID. Nothing there was worthy of a "life debt" unless you are being over dramatic which I don't think they were. So I have long hoped it will be explained in TLH.
    • There is an image going around from an unidentified snippet which pictures two men and a teaser (which is unidentified) essentially saying that it's ironic he was dying in his arms considering his effort at convincing him he wasn't in love with him. Many people have guessed it is Alastair dying in Thomas's arms, which—given the context—I could totally see. (Though I could also see it as referencing a few others from diff stories but we will stick with this for now). However, I don't see Cassie killing him off. It could be a false alarm. Or...
    • Lucie uses her necromantic ability to save him. Cordelia would obviously be distraught asking for help and seeing as Lucie can command ghosts, perhaps she simply commands his spirit as it's leaving his body to essentially get back in there. Of course we don't know the full extent to her powers so she could obviously do it a different way than that, but I think the overall idea stays the same.
    • This would also explain why this debt is spread down the family line for over a century. Because if Lucie hadn't, there would be no more Carstairs. The line would have ended (at least up until Jem in TDA).
      • This may also contribute to why the Carstairs records were missing/destroyed.
  • Matthew is forced to go to the Scholomance
    • We see in GotSM a carving in Ty's room that reads "I did not choose this life. 1904" So clearly someone definitely goes to the Scholomance, against their will.
    • There is a theory that this was Thomas, because of a post Cassie made a while back on Pinterest, but as we know, Cassie has a tendency to change things from initial conception. And while I could see Thomas going to the Scholomance, I don't see him being forced to go against his will. And even if he did, I don't see him saying or doing something so angsty. But you know who would?
    • I also don't think the Scholomance would take a student who clearly didn't want to be there. Unless of course the have a parent with enormous pull. Ring any bells? Like Charlotte did to him with the Academy?
    • Now of course we can see him doing or saying something like that in an act of rebellion. The question of course is why would he be sent there. Well that's simple: Math has become a drunk and that drunkness is causing him to not only be self-destructive, but a bad Shadowhunter and to act out in general (Esp now that Jordelia is getting married). So I believe he is sent there to get some discipline and his act together (as well as to unintentionally detox).
  • Belial's debt to Jem in GotSM is that Jem somehow helped him be able to walk the earth
    • We know he owes a debt to Jem (from Learn About Loss). Originally we can think this is because of what he did to Tessa and her kids (or even Tessa's mom). But why would he need to make that up to Jem? Why would he care to? He wouldn't so it must be something else.
    • We learn in ChoG that Belial can't walk the earth unless he possesses someone of his bloodline. So how did he go to Tennessee and make a Shadow Market? Yes he can create a temporary illusion of himself, but he can't do all of that. So how does he do it?
    • Perhaps Jem finds a way, through the knowledge of the Brotherhood and his connections, to give Belial this power. Jem would do this simply because he knows if he doesn't, Belial will never stop trying to corrupt Tessa's descendants and possess them. Besides, there's not much more he could do here than he is already capable of and that would make much of a difference compared to the fact that all other Princes can. What's one more if it means his beloved and her family is safe?
      • Bonus theory to add: he gets the adamas in that story from Tatiana's time at the Citadel
  • Malcolm will find out about Annabel's fate through Tatiana
    • Cassie has said online that despite him asking about Blackthorn blood, he believes her to be an Iron Sister in ChoG. And has hinted he will find out in the series.
    • While in the Citadel, preparing to take down the Clave, she may make it a point to find out information that could be beneficial to her. After all, she is a relative to her husband.
      • There is also the possibility she learns this from Rupert, having the story possibly be passed down.
    • So perhaps when she finds out she decides that this info could be used to get Malcolm, a powerful warlock, to help her take the Shadowhunters down. Though he most likely won't help as we know he goes to the King first, so he'll go rogue and do his own thing, but that could be her intent.
  • Belial's tether is Jesse
    • In the epilogue Belial mentions he has an anchor on the earth that will allow him to regain his strength faster. He also mentions that Jesse carries something important so he wouldn't let harm come to him. So what if it's the same thing.
    • And what if they share Jesse's ghost existence. I mean it's super odd Jesse only appears at night, so what if that's because Belial takes the day hours? I mean he'd be better at controlling the Khora and keeping an eye on where to attack if he had an easier way to appear on earth. And he mentions having spoke to Tati throughout the book, yet Jesse always misses it and so does Grace? Possibly because it's during the day, when Grace is out and Jesse isn't around. Plus it'd explain why he arrived as soon as Tati touches the coffin, because that's where he wakes up, just like Jesse.
  • We will meet a daylighter
    • Lilith states in CoFA that the last time she saw/heard of a daylighter, it was almost a century ago.
      • (a partially joking but possible theory is Grace is the daylighter)
  • If we do meet a daylighter, that will be how Jesse gets brought back to life
    • By using a similar spell to the one used on Sebastian rather than the attempted spell Tatiana tried getting Magnus in on.
  • Someone will be Turned into a Downworlder
    • This is a half-baked theory. Only real reason is because Cassie mentioned with the family tree that one of the possible reasons for misinformation was people becoming Downworlders.
    • I do not have a good guess on who yet (besides Grace and the one below but he hasn't been introduced yet), so will update when I get a better guess.
  • Anselm Nightshade used to be a shadowhunter and we will learn how he became a vampire.
    • Nightshade is a shadowhunter last name, Clary's grandmother was Adele Nightshade before marriage. So also as an extension: Anselm is somehow related to Clary.
  • Cordelia or James (or possibly someone else) will be consumed by heavenly fire
    • So far every series has had someone be consumed by heavenly fire (TMI-Jace, TID- Tessa, TDA- Julian and Emma)
    • Reasons it may be Cordelia: she is the main heroine, she is remembered as an amazing warrior.
    • Reasons for James: he is the main male protagonist, he is the "special one" as he has demon blood and can turn invisible, he is the most likely to survive, if he survives it would prove to those who think he is tainted that he isn't and is just as good of a shadowhunter seeing it didn't kill him, and would explain why he is recalled as a hero and not hidden by bigotry.
    • There's also the chance it could be Jesse (less likely to me) as he was brought back from the dead. It would also fit a pattern (if it is Cordelia, it would too) of Herondale, Blackthorn, Herondale, Blackthorn (or Carstairs if Cordelia).
      • If this turns out to be factual I will add my suspects for TWP.
  • The Carstairs's family records were "lost or destroyed" because Alastair is gay
    • Back in this time period being gay was shameful, it makes sense that they would destroy any record of what would be seen as a blemish.
    • To answer your question, he may have adopted which lead to the rest of the family line.
  • We will see Gwyn and the Wild Hunt in TLH
    • Mentioned that Magnus and Gwyn had met prior to LoS.
    • Perhaps they needed help from them before or were against each other as Magnus seemed hostile; or at least he didn't seem pleased.
      • I had initially thought this would be in LBW seeing as Alec had a reaction like he agreed with Magnus. Could also be in a short/novella to come but nothing is planned. Otherwise my guess is she forgot about this or it's unimportant.

  • Max is an Eldest Curse or at least the son of a Prince of Hell
    • I'm not 100% sold on this theory yet, I don't have enough hints, just feelings. But I will say I find it odd how concerned and protective Shinyun was of Max in the beginning of LBW. Of course it could just be "don't hurt a baby" or "make the baby cry/make noise" but now if she really cared about the latter, she wouldn't have somewhat kidnapped and threatened him in the first place. No, I think she knows something, that someone important out there cares about this baby and she doesn't want to piss them off. Or, because of some heritage, he is important to her plans because she said she had something in plan for "all the eldest curses" and we haven't seen that yet.
    • Now initially when I got this theory while reading I though maybe Sammael. However, later when asked, he says he hasn't gotten to that yet. I still think it's possible but I'll say it could be any of them.

Now for Major Spoilers:

Seeing as the Epilogue of LBW is said to be a set up for TWP rather than the next book, this is technically a theory for TWP. However, since this mainly comes off what we know from LBW, I am putting it here. (May move to "TSC in General" when no longer a huge spoiler.)

  • Lucifer isn't an actual person
    • Okay but hear me out:
    • First of all, let's look at the phrasing of that conversation in the epilogue. Sammael never mentions that they need someone else or have to get a hold of someone before Asmodeus goes to suggest Lucifer. He simply talks about all of them banding together to achieve their goals. Then, when Lucifer is mentioned, he doesn't say "yes we need to summon/call/get/whatever Lucifer." He says they need to talk about him. Yes you could still say that about a friend, but it is odd is it not? To have Asmodeus assume he is referencing a person when he is on a spiel about teamwork? When he's seemingly just talking to them and said they were all there?
    • There's more. Cassie recently answered ask on Tumblr about Lucifer where she says "he may not be who…or what…people think." Again, phrasing. Why would you refer to a person as being a what? Sure you can say that your friend Jimmy may not be what people expect. But if you already said who people expect, you wouldn't add "or what".
    • So it's got me thinking, what if he isn't a who at all? What if he's a "what"? What if—and this is where I sound crazy—he is what happens when all the Princes of Hell come together? They create this whole other entity when working together that it gets its own name.
      • This may not make a lot of sense as it is hard for me to explain but think of it like transformers. When there are several of them, they can combine and make one massive autobot (or whatever it's called) to battle with. Now here I don't mean this is an exact translation, Azazel isn't Lucifer's left leg and Leviathan's the butt cheeks and tail, but a similar idea. All of them working together, with magic or whatever, create this superpower: Lucifer.
    • Now before you go, I have one more tidbit. This is a bit of a shot in the dark but I have to be able to make everything connect. Belial is considered to be Lucifer's father (according to the Prince of Hell booklet series). Belial is also considered the greatest of Eidolons. So maybe, Lucifer is some form of Belial's, or perhaps something he creates, when connected with his fellow Princes' magic. So in a way, he "creates" him, making him his father of sorts. He is considered the greatest because it is the greatest trick an Eidolon could ever perform, to create a whole other being that no one knows comes from you.
      • Note: If it is a form, he cannot shapeshift into Lucifer without his brothers, which is why he doesn't just do it and no one has really seen or heard from him, as they've been separate. (Also would make Tatiana's comparison of their beauty at the end of ChoG make sense.)
    • And now his page for the Princes of Hell booklet is revealed and not only is it lacking any info or trivia, but there's no photo either. 🤔 Something's fishy.

Also I know this theory is kind of crazy but I'd like to believe it's quite possibly genius and ignore the fact that Cassie may have broken me.

  • Jaime is bipolar or has BPD
    • This isn’t originally my theory. Giving credit where it is due, User:@Ali Kastelli posted this in discussions and I like it a lot and agree with it.
    • Reasonings: Jaime’s Flower Card is named “changeable moods” and in LoS Dru describes how he can flip back and forth between multiple moods in a matter of minutes.
    • I’d also in general like to see more mental illnesses or disabilities in the characters so I think this would be awesome to explore.
  • Kit kills the Seelie Queen or has a part in doing so.
    • Seeing as how the epilogue in Queen went (and her plotting to weaken the Shadowhunters by getting Jemma to destroy the parabatai bond) we can tell she is going to be a threat and needs to be stopped. She's been the center of trouble throughout a few of the series.
    • In QoAaD, Tessa tells Kit that not only is he powerful and the heir to both thrones, but that "an army with him at the head of it could take down the King or Queen or both". Plus there is the prophecy from TLIL as well which hints at what Kit, as the First Heir, could cause.
    • Also in LM we learn how the Queen can be deprived of her powers. So this may come in handy.
  • Livia's ghost isn't our Livvy
    • In QoAaD, she wasn't exactly acting like the Livvy we know and love. She was acting strange, distant, called Kit "Herondale", and so on. And then in TLW she was even stranger. Part of that is supposedly from that lake and being apart from Ty but it still seems really odd the way she was behaving.
    • When Ty wanted to do the spell, Ragnor did warn him that he might get a Livvy from a different world instead of the one of this world. So it's definitely possible and that could have been foreshadowing.
  • Clary's dream of Jace and Sebastian fighting with wings was actually a vision of Ash and Janus
    • Clary is often given dreams that turn out to be true visions, so what if this wasn't actually a metaphor of the upcoming battle between good and evil in TMI? What if it was a prediction of a battle still to come?
    • We see in Thule that Ash had huge black angel like wings. Sebastian in her dream had black wings. And it is often remarked how similar the two of them look. So what if Clary just assumed it was Seb because Ash didn't exist yet?
    • And what if the Jace she saw was actually Thule Jace? I mean the fact that Ash had wings was strange, what if it was a spell to adapt to Thule because the best way to get around Thule is by sky (as is stated). So what if Janus had that spell too and has those wings.
    • I think it's very plausible a fight like this may come in TWP
  • We will see Sammael or Lucifer
    • We are meant to see them face the greatest foe we have yet to see that will require all alive shadowhunters to help fight it (as stated by Cassie). Who better than the biggest most powerful greater demons that we have heard of but yet to see?
      • This has essentially been proven to be true but until it is in writing in TWP, it'll stay here and be a "partially confirmed theories" on that tab.
  • Raziel will be summoned to help them by Simon
    • If they are facing down their greatest foe, I think they will need angelic help.
    • In CoLS, Raziel swore to never harm Simon, with or without his Mark. He is the only one who would be protected when summoning him — besides maybe Clary if she could create a powerful enough protection rune but I doubt the angel would be tied by that.
    • Before you say it, while in making the bargain with Simon, Raziel did ask Simon to promise never to summon him again (as he had threatened), but Simon never actually swore or agreed to that. He never said those words (and wording is everything in these situations).
  • With or without Raziel's help, the borders will be sealed and the Incursion will end. No more demons will come here
    • How else would you end a 6 series long saga with multiple side books than complete and total peace and safety for all our remaining beloved characters?

  • Tessa’s parents were actually murdered
    • In CLS when Jem was looking into who Tessa’s demonic parent is, Ragnor warned him that the quest could prove fatal; and that it already had to more than one person.
    • In TID, Tessa says her parents were killed in carriage accident. But we also know that they had learned what had happened to them, how Tessa came to be.
    • So I think they decided to learn exactly which demon had been unleashed on Elizabeth to create their daughter. And in their attempts to find out, they were killed.
  • Lucifer is Tessa's half-brother and will make an appearance at some point
    • In an ask on Tumblr, Cassie has said she cannot confirm or deny that we will see him (which typically means yes) and that he is not quite what we expect him to be.
    • In the Prince of Hell booklet project Cassie is doing with CJP, Belial's page includes an interest anecdote that Belial has been called the "father of Lucifer".
    • Well if Belial is Tessa's biological dad, and Lucifer's, that would make him her brother. And just as Belial is interested in his progeny (and Asmodeus in his) I think Lucifer would be very interested to meet his sister and niece and nephew. So perhaps he shows up in TLH to meet them. And maybe (since he's not what we expect) isn't all that bad and actually helps them defeat Belial. Or perhaps he does this in TWP with Mina and the "him not being what we expect" is just in reference to being Tessa's brother.
  • The coming darkness was never about the Dark War or the Cohort.
    • Remember the dream Magnus and Clary (and Kit I believe) had, of a destroyed world where blood ran through the streets like water; the darkness Raphael and Barnabas said was coming; the Shadowhunters being taken down and gone from the world? I don't think that time has come to pass. I don't think they are out of the woods yet. I don't think it was a prophecy of losing the Dark War, or even of the Cohort and Faerie Courts failed attempts to take them down. I think whatever it is is still to come. Most likely in TWP. I think we may finally see it.
      • This is listed here rather than TWP because it encompasses TMI and TDA as well.
  • Robert Lightwood is gay ((or bi) and in denial about it).
    • In TftSA, we see flashbacks to Robert's youth. It is often described that he hasn't really felt love with anyone except when it comes to Michael. In fact he continues to describe it being awkward with Maryse, and he doesn't feel total attraction or full romantic feelings toward her.
    • When Michael tells him how he feels, he tells him not to say it again mainly because of the backlash they would both face for being gay and he didn't want to make life "harder than it has to be." In RSoM, we see a conversation between Robert and Alec where he is trying to convince Alec to pretend to be straight to make life easier. And wouldn't he like life to be easier? Sounds really reminiscent of the Michael situation.
    • He continues to make a weird comment about "feeling tempted". Seems like he felt temptations and chose the easier path like he was suggesting to Alec.
    • Just a general life fact that most homophobes tend to be gay people in denial.
      • At this point I essentially believe this to be canon as Cassie has responded to my ask saying this was intentionally left open for this reason.

  • To actually learn why Magnus was banned from Peru!
    • Jace claims he knows so the information is out there!
  • To finally see/hear of one of the runes that only parabatai can use. I mean we were told these exist but absolutely none of the many parabatais we have seen have used one? Seems odd especially given all the dire circumstances.
  • To see a half-werewolf/half-shadowhunter
    • Or even to hear of another half-faerie/half-shadowhunter. Seems weird that Helen and Mark are the only halfs we've seen.
  • I'd really like to see more characters with mental illnesses or disabilities. Like depression, PTSD, anxiety, and so forth. It'd be really interesting and relate-able to see a character struggle with it but still appear okay to others while managing to their job.
  • Blackstar (Dru and Ash) happens and Dru and Jaime doesn't even get hinted at because it's borderline grooming.
  • Sizzy wedding from their perspectives.
  • A long epilogue in the final book that takes place many years later (like CP2's did) so we can see where all the characters end up, their families, and so forth.
  • I still hope for the Secret Treasons books. I desperately want to know more on that.
  • I will also forever hope that Cassie continues to post extra content even after all the series are done. Maybe even write another side book or 2. I really would like to see Sizzy babies above all else but it would also be nice to see Max and Rafe grow up and other future kids of our characters.

Proven Theories

  • Alastair is gay
    • Thomas is one of his love interests
  • Matthew is bi
  • Blackthorn Manor is burned down to destroy dark magic
  • Belial is Tessa's father
  • Sammael is alive and has been generating power this whole time to make a comeback

Disproved Theories

  • Cortana would break the parabatai bond in QoAaD
  • “Queen of Air and Darkness” would be a reference to the Lost Heir or the Seelie Queen

Partially Confirmed Theories

  • Christopher invents the Fire-Message
  • Sammael and/or Lucifer will be in TWP
  • Robert is gay (or bi)

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