The Unseelie Lands is the territory of the Unseelie faeries, led by the Unseelie King. It is part of Faerieland, separate from the Seelie Lands.


The Lands lie in the shadow of the Thorn Mountains. The Unseelie Court's location is constantly changing as it moves around the Unseelie Lands. In the places outside the Court, the wild, non-gentry fey lived and wandered about. There are also some towns and villages scattered through the Lands, though many have been abandoned. There are flowing streams of blood found here.


Some time around 2012, the King made Malcolm Fade perform dark magic on his lands to create a blight that would render Shadowhunter magic powerless. The blight also made several patches of its land look dry and diseased, with dead vegetation and animals on it.[1]


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