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Tom Tildrum is a faerie of the Unseelie Court who is often found at revels selling drinks to participants.


In 2012, Tom Tildrum met Mark Blackthorn and Cristina Rosales at a revel. He gave Cristina fruit juice, though she assumed it was a laced faerie drink and acted under the influence of the placebo affect.[1]

Later that same year, he ran into the two of them again, this time with Kieran, at Prince Oban's revel. Once again he offered them drinks, this time Mark assumed them to be fruit juice like the last, and drained a glass; he immediately fell to the ground, knocked unconscious. After some threats, the cat faerie agreed to take them to the road to avoid being discovered. [2]


Tom Tildrum has a mischievous personality and often hisses like a cat during conversation.

Physical description

Tom is described as having "the body of a man and the face of a wise old tabby" cat, with golden eyes and a tail.[2]