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Early days 19th Century 20th Century 21st Century
Incursion Early years Edwardian era 2007
18th Century Victorian era Roaring Twenties 2008
French Revolution End of the century Later years 2012
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Early days


Codex Raziel

The Angel Raziel and Jonathan Shadowhunter.

  • AD 1000: Shortly after the first Christian Millennium, the demons began their large-scale invasion, termed the Incursion, of the world around this time.
  • Angel Raziel appeared to Jonathan Shadowhunter and gave him the Mortal Instruments to begin the race of Nephilim.
  • AD 1444: The first vampires were created in a public ceremony.
    • The Greater Demon Hecate was summoned in a massive blood-based sacrifice held at the Court of Wallachia (modern day Romania). In exchange for his impressive sacrifice and act of savagery, Hecate transformed Vlad III and a large majority of his court into the first vampires.

17th Century

  • Silent Brother Gregory Hans discovered the correct combination of Marks to both enhance a Nephilim's senses and exclude the smell of demons from that enhancement.[1]
  • Because of the witch hunts of mundanes, a great Schism also passed between Shadowhunters and warlocks, and eventually the rest of the Downworld.[1]
  • 1640: the Clave forbade the hiring of warlocks to assist in Shadowhunter business.[1]
  • 1688: Consul Thomas Tefereel's Reforms were recognized.[1]

18th Century

French Revolution

19th Century

Early years

  • 1804: Law prohibiting intermarriage of Shadowhunters with other species was revoked and the method of Ascension was adopted.
  • 1815: European Downworlder Treaty was signed at the end of the Napoleonic Wars and marked the first time an official document promised any protection under the Law for Downworlders. The signing was presided by Consul Shimizu-Tokugawa Katsugoro.
  • 1825: Axel Mortmain lodged a request for Reparations at the York Institute for the death of his parents, over a decade before.
  • 1828 - Events told from The Lost Herondale
  • 1832: A Prussian farmer and Shadowhunter, Johannes von Mainz, called the entire Clave to his farm to see the "angel" he had apparently summoned in his cow barn. The summoned "angel" turned out to be Johannes's son, Hans, causing Shadowhunters to be very cautious about making or checking subsequent claims of angel appearances.

Victorian era


CJ Tessa-Ithuriel

Tessa Changing into Ithuriel, as depicted by Cassandra Jean.

  • October – December
    • Events from Clockwork Princess
    • Mortmain and his army of automatons were defeated.
    • Charlotte Branwell became Consul, and Will Herondale replaced her as the Head of the London Institute some time after.
    • The Enclave threw a Christmas party at the London Institute, and Will proposed to Tessa.

End of the century

  • 1885 - Events from What Really Happened in Peru
    • Magnus, Ragnor, and Catarina helped their client Nayaraq unearth her family's treasure in the ruins of Pachacamac.
  • 1887: The Second Accords was signed.
  • 1888 - Events from The Whitechapel Fiend
  • 1890 - Events from What Really Happened in Peru
    • The three warlocks were staying in Puno, where Magnus met and spent some time with his lover Imasu Morales. After their relationship ended, Magnus, after a night of heavy drinking, ended up throwing up on the Nazca Lines from a carpet he had stolen and enchanted to fly, with Catarina and Ragnor following him in hopes of restraining their friend, which they ultimately failed to do.
  • 1899 - Events from Nothing but Shadows

20th Century

Edwardian era

Roaring Twenties

Later years

21st Century



  • Events from The Mortal Instruments
  • August
    • Events from City of Bones and The Course of True Love (And First Dates)
    • Clary met her first group of Shadowhunters and learned about her heritage. Jocelyn had gone missing, in fact taken by Valentine and his men. Clary and Jace Wayland, along with Luke and a few others, later faced Valentine. Jace was then led to believe that he was the son of Valentine and Jocelyn, hence the brother of Clary. Jace, however, chose to fight against Valentine, and Jocelyn, though still unconscious, was retrieved.
  • October
    • Events from City of Fallen Angels and the prologue of City of Lost Souls
    • Clary has begun training to be a Shadowhunter under Jace's tutelage, when Jace fell under a mysterious and powerful demonic influence, later revealed to be Lilith, who had kept Sebastian's body after the Mortal War. She blackmailed Simon Lewis, recently Turned into a rare Daylighter, to exchange blood with Sebastian to revive him. Sebastian was brought back to life, and Jace was put under his influence.
  • November
    • Events from City of Lost Souls
    • Clary joined Jace and Sebastian, pretending to agree with their views long enough to be able to spy on them, relay their plans to her friends in New York, and give them time to figure out a way to sever the pair's demonic bond.
    • 'Team Good' in New York summoned the Angel Raziel, who then gave Simon the sword Glorious to use against either of the pair, in exchange for Simon's Mark of Cain.
    • The Infernal Cup was created, and Sebastian was able to Turn several of his followers into Endarkened Shadowhunters at the Seventh Sacred Site at the Burren in Ireland. The Shadowhunters, and certain Downworlders, of New York arrived and managed to defeat several of them in battle, forcing the remaining ones to flee, while Clary, though she failed to reach Sebastian to use the sword on him, stabbed Jace with the sword, and the heavenly fire burned away the evil, particularly his bond with Sebastian, in him.
CJ Jace 06, CoHF

Jace burning with heavenly fire.


  • Events from the Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire epilogues
    • January: Tessa and Jem went to London on the Blackfriars Bridge for their annual meeting. Jem revealed that he was changed back to mortal, from being a Silent Brother, after he had touched the heavenly fire-filled Jace Herondale. The pair reunited.
    • May: Jocelyn and Luke got married at Luke's farmhouse in upstate New York. Simon, after having lost his memories during a deal made with Asmodeus, was approached by Magnus and Isabelle and given some of his memories back, enough to know that he was friends with them.





  • Events from The Wicked Powers, set to take place three or four years after The Dark Artifices.


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