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Three Arrows Farm is a farm in upstate New York owned by Luke Garroway.


The farm has a sign that points to it. It is a wooden placard in the shape of an arrow with, with the name of the farm painted on it in block lettering and black paint by Luke. Clary had added the pattern of flowers along the bottom as a child, though the flowers were now faded and almost invisible.

The farm is ringed by mountains and hills lined with trees that separate the area from the road. Found on the big land is a lake, with a dock and a sandy shore, at the foot of the property, an apple orchard, a barn, and a farmhouse, with paths leading to it all around the plot. The farmhouse is covered with white-painted clapboard sidings, and has an old covered sunporch decorated with white wicker furniture.



Luke, Jocelyn, Clary, and occasionally Simon, have spent several summers on the farm, and thus both Simon and Clary have many happy childhood memories of the place. Luke swinging Clary up to perch her in the fork of an apple tree on his farm upstate was one of her earliest memories. They would swim in the lake and get tanned and sunburned, play "apple baseball" in the orchard, which according to Simon was messy and fun, and Scrabble and poker in the farmhouse, which Luke always won.[1]

Team Good

In 2007, when Jocelyn was unable to contact Magnus to have the block on Clary's mind reworked on her, she decided to hide with Luke and Clary at the farmhouse. Though Clary loved the farm, when she found out that they would be spending the rest of summer vacation there, she was furious, having already made plans. Jocelyn's disappearance held off this trip indefinitely.[2]

Months later, Luke gave "Team Good" permission to use his farm, upon Simon's suggestion. Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon went to the farm. Magnus prepared the summoning circle by the lake, and Simon, because of his invincibility due to the Mark of Cain, raised the Angel Raziel, who, rather grudgingly, gave him Glorious and stripped him of his Mark.[1]


In May 2008, Luke and Jocelyn finally got married. The farm's surrounding area became the venue of the wedding. It was decorated and overhauled by Luke's old pack. The ceremony took place in the barn, and the reception was held on the grounds around the farmhouse, with white tents set up all around. The farmhouse was occupied by vampires who slept through the day waiting for nightfall. The wedding was attended by several of their friends, both Shadowhunters and Downworlders.[3]

Shadowhunter Academy

In 2012, after the Clave being put into exile and forced to start a new outside Idris, the farm was turned into the new Shadowhunter Academy. The Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance had come together to build the new school on the property as it was already heavily warded.[4]