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The Wicked Powers is a planned trilogy by Cassandra Clare. The fifth in the series chronologically, it is so far set to be the last and concluding series of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The title is derived from a Shadowhunter children's rhyme: "And bronze to summon wicked powers."

Known information

  • Being the final series installment, Cassie has plans for all the characters who are still around to face the greatest threat they've ever faced, and the characters from different generations of the Shadowhunter Chronicles will have to unite and join forces in the biggest battle they'll ever have to take it down,[33] and that something will happen that will change the nature of Shadowhunters and what they mean.[34] She has also stated that "It will bring the Shadowhunter Chronicles to an end. The Shadowhunter world will change forever."[35][36]
  • Clare hopes to publish the first installment in or around 2022, alternating with her upcoming, non-Shadowhunter-related Sword Catcher series.[37]


  • The Wicked Powers will feature a plot inspired by and very loosely based on Arthurian legend, following the "parallels" tradition of other series.[38]


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