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Title of the Book then write a short description here. As for the image used in the infobox, use the international cover.


Usually the blurb on the back of the book, or the early promotional description or press release given.


Part #: Title

Recap the happenings in the book in a somehow detailed yet summarized form, separating it into the parts as separated from the book, placed into its own sections or subheadings.

Incomplete/unfinished plot sections will be removed. If you want to write your own version of a book's plot/recap at your own pace, or if you would like yours to replace the current one on the wiki, please create a blog for it, and notify an admin when you're done. Users' recaps may be considered and voted on.


An even shorter retelling of the story, focusing only on the major plot points of developments.


Part #: Part Title

  1. Chapter title
  2. Chapter title
  3. Chapter title
  4. Chapter title

Part #: Part Title

  1. Chapter title
  2. Chapter title
  3. Chapter title
  4. Chapter title


  • List important characters in bullet form, order according to species and relevance.


If applicable. Teasers will be kept on page during the duration of spoiler ban for published books (for stories first released in e-book form but set to be published in the future, the section will remain until a week after it is published).


Do not include headings below if only one type among the following will be shown.



Official art illustrating the scenes in the book in slideshow format.


Special content

If applicable.

  • List edition/s and there special content in bullets.


If applicable.



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