This is the page where users can formally request for special user rights. For more information, see this page.


For a user to gain rights, several things must be considered, including:

  • The user's history of contributions in the wiki, quality being weighed more importantly than quantity
  • Consistency as a mainspace editor (at least three months to be considered)
  • Familiarity with wiki policies, templates, wikitext, and general style or format of the wiki
  • The user should have no history of serious blocks due to vandalism or sockpuppetry in this and other wikia communities as well


Users may simply list themselves for a request for rights on this page, on the section below. Merely put in your username, include a very brief statement on your dedication to the wiki then sign it with four tildes ~~~~, or simply click the signature button in Visual mode.


  1. Please give the admins at least three to four weeks discuss and decide.
  2. Once approved, your edits will be evaluated and depending on your strengths, your position will be decided (eg. Your edits are mainly correcting bad-faith edits and vandalisms: you will become a rollback. If your edits consist of several, great contributions to the articles, and you also try to communicate with the other admins and users, we will make you an admin.)
  3. Other users may speak with other admins to vote in support or against a user requesting for the position.
  4. Only admins and bureaucrats may delete requests early at their discretion if the applicant is obviously unsuitable with no chance of succeeding. Other users may also request this by approaching other admins.


  • Bureaucrat - has the ability to give positions to other users; has all general admin rights, inclusive of rights of all other user groups
  • Administrator/System Operator (sysop) - general rights, inclusive of rights of all other user groups except bureaucrat (handling articles and files: deleting and undeleting, locking or protecting, editing protected and important MediaWiki pages, blocking users, changing the themes and format, etc.; can also grant moderator rights)
  • Content Moderator - has some of the admin rights on mainspace articles and files (deleting; moving or renaming; undeleting; protecting and unprotecting; editing protected pages; rollback; patrol, etc.)
  • Rollback - easily reverts edits
  • Discussions Moderator - manages the Forum, blog posts, comments, message walls/replies, and chat, etc.
  • Chat Moderator - moderates the wiki's chat room

Current requests

Please respect other users. Do not delete their entries from this list.
  • None at the moment
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