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This page provides an overview of the general policies for a user's involvement in the community. These apply to the whole wiki and are definite. For the more comprehensive guides, find them here.

  1. Be bold in updating pages. Go ahead, it's a wiki!
  2. Be civil to other users at all times.
  3. No profanity is allowed on any page.
  4. When in doubt, talk it out.
  5. No personal attacks.
  6. Assume good faith. Do consider that the people on the wiki are trying to positively contribute to the project — unless their is objective proof to the contrary.
  7. Respect copyright. Wikia uses the CC-BY-SA license. Everything you contribute must be compatible with that license.
    • Avoid directly copying content into articles in verbatim, whether from other websites, such as Wikipedia, or other official sources, such as the series books or the Codex. Instead, add in your own write-up. An exception would be book, film, and episode synopses, in which case they should be copied in verbatim from an official press release and must be referenced.
    • Please link back to, reference, credit or attribute the wiki in any way (no matter how small) when words, quotes, or whole lines or paragraphs of text are taken from the wiki articles in verbatim for use elsewhere. Not only will it be so much help in expanding the wiki's reach and showing the contributors appreciation for their efforts, but this is also included in Wikia's ToU & Licensing policies. (Thank you!)
  8. Don't spam. "Spam" is an unwanted message, like advertisements, political statements and other off-topic messages. For this wiki, off-topic messages are messages that are not related to the series. Spam also includes duplicate messages that are posted three or more times.
  9. Try to keep your consecutive edits on one page under one edit (i.e. edit the whole page not each section, then preview before you publish), though the occasional one or two inevitable follow-ups of forgotten details are understandable, however.
  10. As also stated in Wikia's ToU: pornographic content, illegal or unauthorized content, and unsolicited advertising are not allowed anywhere (articles, blogs, user pages, Discussions, etc.) on the wiki. Refer to the Terms of Use page for more.