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Please read the rules and guides below. For new users, if you have questions about the chat server, take it to the #general channel; if your question is regarding the wiki, go to the #wiki channel.

● Be civil. You are not being asked to be "nice". Do not go out of your way to attack and irritate others. This should be a given.
● Minor swearing used as an expression is allowed as long as it is not directed at other users.
● Remember, this is a Shadowhunters wiki server. If you would like to discuss non-Shadowhunter-related topics, keep it in the channels under the off-topic category.
● Do not spam.
● Please stay on topic in each channel. First few violations will result in warnings, and a kick if it is repeated.
● Refrain from capitalizing unnecessarily. Not only does it seem like you are shouting or trying to make a point you are obviously not making, but it makes everything else look messy.
● No advertising other sites or discord servers here.
● No sockpuppetry. The use of multiple accounts to evade/circumvent blocks will only give you more trouble.
● Refrain from unnecessary pinging of staff and other users.


Role Description
Council Administrators on the wiki. Users with this role have the ability to ban, kick, and manage the server.
Inquisitor Role given to bots on the server.
Nephilim Available to all users.
Warlocks Available to all users.
Fallen Angels Available to all users.
Night Children Available to all users.
Fair Folk Available to all users.
Silent Brothers Available to all users.
Iron Sisters Available to all users.
Children of the Moon Available to all users.
Mundanes Default role given to new users. Must be removed to gain full access.


Channel Description
#role-selection Select your role here.
#announcements For announcements by wiki and server admins.
#welcome Welcome channel for new users.
#general For general discussion.
#off-topic Anything within the rules allowed here.
#bot For bot spam, getting daily credits, etc.
#sh-tv-movies For discussion dedicated only to the book adaptations. If you hate them, avoid this.
#tid-discussion For discussion of the Infernal Devices series.
#tmi-discussion For discussion of the Mortal Instruments series.
#tda-discussion For discussion of the Dark Artifices series.
#gosm-discussion For discussion of the Ghosts of the Shadow Market anthology.
#tlh-discussion For discussion of the Last Hours series and the monthly short fiction pieces released by Cassie each month.
#spoilers-and-theories Channel for discussion of newly released books, and theories about upcoming releases.
#books For open discussion about Shadowhunter books and other book series.
#memes Spam channel for posting memes.
#anime For anime discussions and recommendations.
#wiki For questions, opinions, concerns, etc. regarding the wiki site.
#recent-activivty Recent activity for the wiki.
#writing-fanon For sharing fanfiction and original works.
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