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CJ Flowers, Max II

Max Lightwood-Bane is the adoptive warlock son of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood.

Introduced in Born to Endless Night, Max was abandoned on the steps of the newly-reopened Shadowhunter Academy and was found by students in 2010. Coincidentally, his would-be parents had been staying at the Academy and agreed to look after him instead of leave him to the mercy of the Clave, before the pair eventually decided to take him in permanently.


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Magnus had always had a wanderer's heart. Over the centuries, he had adventured in so many different places, always looking for something that would fulfill his restless hunger. He never realized how all the pieces could fall together, how home could be somewhere and someone.
He belonged with Alec. His wandering heart could rest.

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Did you know...

... that Magnus Bane "accidentally" founded a cult Crimson Hand which was later taken over by his own father?

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under very different circumstances.

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