The Lost Book of the White
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Release Date September 1, 2020[1][2]

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The Eldest Curses
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The Lost Book of the White is the upcoming second book of The Eldest Curses trilogy, co-written by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu.


Set in 2010, The Lost Book of the White follows Magnus and Alec as they undertake a new adventure, their first since they became parents to Max. When one of Magnus's most powerful spell books is stolen, Magnus and Alec round up their friends and family for a mission to recover it. But this isn't a simple theft—confronting friends and enemies new and old, they discover that the stakes are much higher than a missing book….[3]

It's 2010 and Magnus and Alec have just adopted baby warlock Max. They're settling in to family life (with a baby who occasionally turns into a bat) when an old friend from Magnus's past appears bearing a terrible secret. To rescue him, Magnus and Alec must journey to Shanghai, bringing with them the formidable assistance of Clary, Jace, Simon, and Isabelle. But will they be able to help him, and in doing so, prevent the Book of the White from falling into the worst possible hands?[2]


For more, either go to the page of the series or check the unidentified snippets page.


  • Magnus and Alec are the main characters, with POVs from both.[4]
  • Characters set to appear, aside from Magnus and Alec, include: Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle,[5] Lily Chen,[6] Tessa Gray,[7] Jem Carstairs,[8][7] and Catarina Loss.[9]
  • The gang will be traveling to Shanghai where they will encounter the Ke family.[5]
  • Jem will also be in Shanghai and will see "the descendants of his mother's family, which brings back the memories of his early youth."[8][10] Specifically, he and Tessa were invited to Shanghai in light of their engagement, and Jem went in hopes of reconnecting with the Ke family and showing Tessa the city he grew up in.[11]
  • Alec and Magnus are negotiating the experience of being new fathers and dealing with the consequences of events in Red Scrolls, "which have reared their heads again. This is also where the main group of TMI characters finds out what happens in Red Scrolls, since Alec and Magnus had to keep it secret before."[12]
  • This installment will be set in 2010,[2] specifically soon after Angels Twice Descending.[4][13] [12][14][14][15]
  • Becoming a father for the first time will bring back some issues Magnus has with his father, and the issues Shadowhunters might have with his father being a Greater Demon. These issues will coincide with a mystery and a missing person.[14]
  • Some of the issues that caused their breakup in City of Lost Souls will "resurface, but with so much more at stake–the life they've built together, their child, and Magnus's soul."[14]
  • The "TMI gang"—Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Simon, Alec, and Magnus—will be fighting demons together in this installment. Their new dynamics, with Simon now a Shadowhunter and Clary's parabatai, will be shown.[14]
  • Alec will have "some lone hero demon-fighting moments too, impressing some Downworlders rather a lot." Alec's fame in the Downworld, which helped set up the Downworlder and Shadowhunter Alliance, and heroics will be shown.[14]
  • Some moments between Max and his grandparents Robert and Maryse will be shown.[16]
  • The installment will begin with a danger posed to Max.[17]
  • A love interest for Maryse may be introduced in this installment.[18][19][20][21]
  • The mystery of when Ragnor Fell was "discovered not to be dead and how he is rescued by Magnus and Alec and Clary and Jace and Isabelle and Simon" will be shown.[22][23]
  • Ragnor's reaction to hearing about Raphael Santiago's death might be shown.[24]
  • The magical reason why the other attendants of Jem and Tessa's wedding, excluding the couple and Magnus,[25] don't remember it ever happening will be revealed in this series.[26][27][28][29]
  • Maia Roberts will not be with the group as she will be running the Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance in Alec's absence and will be dealing with the new interim head of the New York Institute, a character that has been introduced before.[30]
  • A portion of the book may take place in Hell.[31]


Teaser #1

Now Magnus watched Alec walk toward their bed, safe and home and well-beloved, and he felt the last of the tension slip from his body. He could sleep again, he thought. It had been a while since they slept in their bed together, at the same time. Too long. He rolled his shoulders, sighing, and Alec's eyes followed the movement.

"I'm not tired," claimed Alec, clearly lying. "Are you tired? Or would you want to—stay awake?"

Oh. It had been a while for a few things.

Too long.

Magnus leaned in across the bed and lied, his voice soft and delighted: "I'm not tired."

Alec was already leaning in to him, his lean warrior's body stretched out on the bed and curving toward Magnus. They met halfway, the kiss moonlight soft at first. Magnus was smiling. Alec's warm mouth curved, after a moment, into an answering smile. Moonlight changed to starlight, a feeling like points of brightness coming to shining life all through Magnus's body.

Magnus separated reluctantly from Alec to help Alec slide off his worn T-shirt. Magnus dropped the T-shirt by the side of the bed, and began to draw his own rings from his fingers.

"Hey," Alec murmured, eyes shining in the low light, voice husky. "Leave them on."

It had been much too long.

"All right," Magnus whispered back. "Anything you want."

"Anything?" said Alec.

Magnus reached out and stroked the angelic rune traced against of Alec's throat, and felt Alec swallow under the light pressure of Magnus's fingers and the metal of his rings. Then Magnus clasped the nape of Alec's neck and drew him in for another kiss. His free hand glided up the arch of Alec's back, rings stuttering along his spine. His palm slid up to his shoulderblades, mapping the well-known and always wonderful stretch of soft skin and scars.

Alec broke the kiss with a gasp, and leaned his head down on Magnus's shoulder, tucking his face into Magnus's neck for a moment. He slid the robe off Magnus's shoulders, and as the silk slid away he kissed the bared brown skin. The press of his mouth was tender as well as passionate, every move of Alec's always so utterly sincere.

"Anything," said Magnus, and meant it with all his heart. "What do you want?"

"Everything," Alec mumbled. "You."

" 'Everything' and 'me' are not the same thing," Magnus murmured.

"They are to me," said Alec.

He kissed him again, kissed away the startled look Magnus knew he was wearing, still caught off guard by Alec Lightwood, still wondering if this could possibly be for him. This kiss went as deep as the first one tonight had been soft, and as they kissed Alec tumbled back on the silk pillows and pulled Magnus down against him.

Magnus nuzzled the rune on the side of Alec's neck, then kissed the hollow at the base of his throat, and felt the shiver run through Alec's body beneath him.

Then a scream broke the air.

Teaser #2

Alec took note. “I don’t much like being looked at like the enemy here,” he said. “We’re all on the same side, Shadowhunters and Downworlders.”

Jace quirked an eyebrow. “I believe the Clave’s official position is that we are on opposite sides.”

“It’s ridiculous,” said Clary. “How many faeries were actually on Sebastian’s side in the war? The Queen, her court—it must be a tiny percentage of them. But we’ve punished them all.”

“They’ve punished them all,” said Simon. “We haven’t done anything. We tried to prevent the Cold Peace.”

“As long as we can explain that to each of them individually, I’m sure we’ll be fine,” said Jace.

“Maybe we could get t-shirts made,” Simon agreed. “’We Tried to Prevent the Cold Peace.’”

Teaser #3

Magnus found his robe, blinked the sleep from his eyes, and went into the kitchen, where Jace Herondale was pouring coffee into Magnus’s “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” mug.

“Don’t you have your own coffeepot?” Magnus said blearily.

Jace, blond hair in its usual, preternaturally excellent state,flashed him a winning smile that Magnus was not prepared to deal with before he too had some coffee. “I hear you got stabbed by a weird Norwegian thorn,” Jace said. “Also, do you have any soy milk?Clary’s doing a whole soy milk thing now.”

“What are you doing in my apartment?” said Magnus.

“Well,” said Jace, now rummaging in the fridge, “I’d like to think I’d be welcome anytime, what with my close relationship with all three of you. But in this case, Alec called us. Said something about Shanghai.” ​“Who is us?” Magnus said suspiciously.

Jace waved his coffee cup around. “Us! You know. All of us.”

“All of you?” Magnus repeated. He held up a hand. “Wait. Stop. I am going to go put on something more substantial than a kimono. You are going to use your angelic powers to pour me as large a mug of black coffee as you can find, and I will be right back, and then we can talk about terrible concepts like who ‘all of you’ are, or what Alec told you about last night.”

When he returned to the living room, now suitably dressed, he found Alec, arms folded, looking long-suffering. In the far corner of the room, next to the ceiling, Max floated, tumbling in the air. He didn’t seem to be in peril—indeed, he was yelling “Wheeeeeeeeeee” and appeared to be having an excellent time. Under him, Clary Fairchild and Isabelle Lightwood attempted to nudge him back to the ground with a broom handle. With her free hand, Clary was waving a red braid, trying to get Max interested as though he were Chairman Meow. Max was upside-down and obviously feeling good about it. Everyone else was in t-shirts and jeans, but Isabelle, of course, had shown up in a fitted black sweater over a tiered velvet maxi skirt. She was one of the few people who could occasionally make Magnus feel underdressed.

Teaser #4

They met Magnus at the point where the pedestrian part of the road ended and car traffic began. Magnus’s hair was, strangely, soaking wet, and spiked angrily up above his head. His clothes were dry, but they were not the same clothes he had been wearing when they went through the Portal. Alec was a little disappointed—he loved Magnus in a suit—but Magnus had perhaps wisely chosen to blend in, in black jeans and t-shirt and a black leather motorcycle jacket. He looked like a sexy urban ninja. Alec was in favor of it.

He swept up to Alec, put his arms around his head, and kissed him. Alec blinked in surprise and kissed him back, passionately. But closed-mouthed-ly. He was standing in front of his sister and his parabatai and his parabatai’s girlfriend and her parabatai. He had to draw a line somewhere. But he did kiss Magnus back as strongly as he was able; he was relieved, he could feel his body relax.

“I guess you also didn’t go to the Institute,” said Clary, when a significant amount of time had passed.

Magnus broke the kiss.

“Is it all right? For two men to kiss in a crowded street in Shanghai? I don’t know if I’d kiss you that way in Times Square,” said Alec.

“Darling,” Magnus said quietly, “we’re invisible.”

“Oh,” said Alec. “Right.”

“I did not go to the Institute, no,” said Magnus to Clary. “I went to ten or so meters above the Huangpu River.” He saw Alec’s look of alarm. “Then a few seconds passed, and I was in the Huangpu River.”

“What did you do?” said Jace.

“I tumbled through the air gracefully and landed on my feet on the back of a friendly porpoise,” said Magnus.

“That is very believable,” said Simon.

Magnus waved his hand. “That is how I wish you to think of me. Riding a porpoise into shore, and straight to join you. But no, I did not go to the Institute. I don’t understand it. That’s two Portals in a row that have gone wrong, in ways Portals should not go wrong. How did we get split up?”

Teaser #5

Magnus looked up at the Portal. He could see nothing through it, only clouds so dark they were almost black. Long silken threads were emerging from points within it, and down those threads slid dark gray spheres the size of large dogs. As they descended, they unfolded to reveal themselves to be—no surprise, given the day he’d had—huge spiders.

He shot Alec a glance. Alec wasn’t the biggest fan of spiders…





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