The Land I Lost
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Release Date Oct. 9, 2018 (e-book)
2019 (print edition)
Ghosts of the Shadow Market: An Anthology of Tales
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The Land I Lost is the seventh short story in Ghosts of the Shadow Market: An Anthology of Tales, co-written by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan.


Alec Lightwood, partner of the High Warlock of Brooklyn and father of a warlock child, is sent to Buenos Aires to re-establish the Shadowhunters amidst the ruins left by the Dark War. When he arrives, he is not welcomed by the Shadowhunters there. He believes it is because of his companion Lily, the head of the New York vampire clan, until a Shadowhunter orphan confides a dark secret to him under cover of the Shadow Market.[1][2]


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the clarity of them.”

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It is 2012, in New York City. Alec receives a message from Jem and Tessa requesting help in Buenos Aires.

In the main room of their apartment, Magnus had summoned the demon Elyaas. Magnus wanted Max to be comfortable with what summoning demons entailed lest he be tricked or terrified when he summoned his first; he’d been regularly summoning demons for Max to resist their temptations and rewarding him for it.

Not wanting to leave Max without a parent, Alec chooses Lily Chen as his Spanish-speaking partner for the mission. He finds Lily still grieving Raphael’s death, but excited to go to Buenos Aires to see her crush Jem.

Seeking hospitality at the Buenos Aires Institute, Alec and Lily are greeted by Joaquín Acosta Romero who idolises Alec and fears the Downworlders of their Shadow Market. They leave when met with the Breakspears’ hostility. Joaquín apologises outside for the behaviour of the rest of the Institute.

At the Market, Alec meets Juliette, the werewolf Queen of the Market he’d saved from demons on the Orient Express five years before; Alec hadn’t recognised her. Juliette informs him that the Market was a community of Downworlders, a refuge for the orphans of the Dark War and that werewolf women had been disappearing. The Buenos Aires Institute had been no help.

Among the orphans, Alec is enraged to discover Shadowhunter orphan Rafael who had not been taken in by the Bueno Aires Institute. Despite not liking Alec, Rafael lets him carry him to the lodging house where Jem and Tessa stayed.

Between Tessa and Lily (both of whom spoke Spanish), the four learned that Rafael had seen a Shadowhunter meeting a warlock at a big house containing women. The Shadowhunter is identified as Clive Breakspear using the wallet Rafael had stolen.

As Rafael sleeps, Lily tells Alec her past: She and her mother had been sold to a house where vampire women, ‘cold and lovely forever’ were chained for rich men. The night her mother was fed to vampires, she asked to be Turned in return for their freedom; instead, she burned the place down. She speaks of meeting Camille and meeting Raphael who made her feel safe and the mark he’d left on her life.

At the big house, Rafael had described, Alec discovers it’s heavily-warded and overhears ‘the next delivery from Breakspear will be at midnight tonight.’ He visits Joaquín, gives him a scrap of paper with the address of the big house, and asks for trusted reinforcements.

Through a faerie at the Market called Mother Hawthorn, they learn the story of Auraline–the First Heir who’d been rejected by the Unseelie King for being female, who’d fallen in love with Roland Herondale and birthed the line of Lost Herondales hunted by the Unseelie since. This is the family Tessa and Jem had searched for over the years.

At the big house, Alec discovers that the female werewolves were trapped by a warlock experimenting with the possibility of producing a half-werewolf warlock. He saves the werewolves with help from the Shadowhunters and Downworlders and asks Joaquín to take over as the new head of the Institute. He agrees and establishes an alliance with the Shadow Market.

Back at Magnus' apartment, Rafael grows attached to Magnus as Max grows attached to Rafael. They nickname him Rafe and choose to adopt him. When Max tells him he wants to be a Shadowhunter, Rafael rebuffs, saying he is a warlock. Magnus and Alec then decide to train both of them, so that they may choose to become whomever they wish to be in the future.



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  • This story is set in 2012 and is about Alec Lightwood and Lily Chen's trip to Buenos Aires, where they found a lost, orphaned Shadowhunter boy, Rafael, among the strays at the local Shadow Market. The installment tells the story of how Alec ended up adopting him.[3][4][5]
  • Alec is specifically called to Buenos Aires to help Jem and Tessa and perform a task only he can. Lily is his companion because she can speak Spanish fluently, having learned for Raphael Santiago.[6]
  • Magnus, Max, and a surprise guest made appearances.[6]
  • Lily opened up to Alec about her past.[7] She will be telling Alec secrets about her mortal life that nobody else in the world knows, and will provide them with a vital clue to another mystery.[8]
  • Rafe and Max's meeting was shown in this installment.[9]
  • Clary and Jace appeared.[10]
  • Jem and Tessa went up against demons in this installment.[11]
  • The installment features a significant scene involving Robert Lightwood.[12]
  • This story features "Malec, Rafael’s adoption, a Shadow Market on lockdown, corrupt Shadowhunters, old friends, and an old enemy as well."[13]


Teaser #1

As he spoke, Magnus gave a little sigh and leaned into Alec, one of the small unconscious gestures that meant the most to Alec. It always reminded him of the first day he’d ever touched Magnus: at the time, he’d thought he felt dizzy with relief and joy because he was finally touching someone he wanted to be touched by, when he’d thought he might never have that.

Now he thought he’d felt that way because it was Magnus: that even then, he’d known. Now the gesture spoke of all the days since the first. When he felt Magnus relax against him, he felt like he could relax too.Whatever this strange task Jem and Tessa needed him to do, he could do it. Then he would come home.

As Alec fell silent, Chairman Meow made a wild break for freedom from Max’s loving stranglehold, streaking across the floor into Alec and Magnus’s bedroom where Alec suspected he would be hiding under the bed for the rest of the day. Max stared sadly after the cat, then looked up and grinned, his teeth tiny pearls. He toddled past the shimmering pentagram and launched himself at Alec as if he had not seen him for several weeks. Alec always got the same enthusiastic greeting, whether he was back from a trip, back from patrolling, or had simply been in the other room for five minutes.

“Hey, daddy!”

Alec took a knee and opened his arms to scoop Max up. “Hey, my baby.”

He stood with Max curled against his chest, a warm soft bundle of ribbons and round limbs, Max’s gurgling laughter in his ears. When Max was tiny, Alec used to marvel at how neatly his little body fit into the crook of Alec’s arm, as if he’d been made to nestle there. Alec had scarcely been able to imagine Max getting bigger. He needn’t have worried. Whatever size his kid was, he was always a perfect fit for Alec to hold.

Teaser #2

Rafe held up his hands to be carried. Alec swung him up in his arms. Warlock hearts beat differently, and Alec was used to hearing the sound of Magnus and Max’s hearts, infinitely steady and reassuring. It was odd, holding a child with a mortal heartbeat, but Alec was getting used to the new rhythm.

The evening sun was scorching on whitewashed walls of the street they were heading down. Their shadows were long behind them, but the town was still bright, and Alec saw for the first time that it could be lovely.

Occasionally Alec despaired: that the world couldn’t be changed, or even that it wouldn’t change fast enough. He was not immortal, and didn’t want to be, but there were times he was afraid he wouldn’t live long enough, that he’d never have the chance to take Magnus’s hands in front of everyone they loved and make a sacred promise.

At those times, there was an image Alec held against exhaustion or surrender, a reminder to always keep fighting for that day, for their day.

When he was gone, when he was dust and ashes, Magnus would still be walking through this world. If the world was changed for the better, then that unknowable future would be better for Magnus. Alec could imagine that on some scorching hot day like this, on a strange street in a strange land, Magnus might see something good that reminded him of Alec, some way that the world was changed because Alec had lived. Alec couldn’t imagine what the world would be like then.

But he could imagine, in some faraway future, the face he loved best.

Teaser #3

“What’s that you have there, sweetie?” Lily asked as Alec came in.

“What he has is my phone,” said Alec. “Which he stole.”

In Rafael’s hands, Alec’s phone buzzed. Alec reached for it, but Rafael moved casually out of reach. He didn’t seem terribly concerned that Alec had grabbed for him. He was staring at the phone.

Alec reached for the phone, then stopped, caught off guard. As Rafael studied the phone, the sullen line of his mouth twitched, then slowly curved into a smile. The smile, slow and warm and sweet, altered his whole face.

Alec’s hand dropped. Rafael turned a suddenly-bright countenance up to him and chirped a question. Even his voice sounded different when he was happy.

“I don’t understand you,” Alec said helplessly.

Rafael waved the phone in Alec’s face to illustrate his point. Alec looked at the screen, and kept looking. He’d had a sick unsteady feeling in his chest since he realized what the Shadowhunters were doing here, but the world felt steady again now.

Magnus had sent a picture with the caption “Blueberry and I home from a wild and dangerous mission with a swingset.”

Magnus was leaning against their front door. Max was laughing, all dimples, the way he did whenever Magnus did magic to amuse him. There were blue and golden lights streaming all around them, and huge iridescent bubbles that seemed made of light too. Magnus was smiling a small fond smile, and the black spikes of his hair were wreathed with radiant ribbons of magic.

Alec had asked Magnus to send him pictures whenever he was away, after their first mission when Max was a baby. To remind Alec what he was fighting for.

Lily cleared her throat. “The kid asked: ‘Who is that cool man?’”

“Oh,” said Alec, kneeling by the bed. “Oh, that’s—that’s Magnus. His name is Magnus Bane. He’s my—I’m his—he and I are going to get married.”

One day, they would.

Alec wasn’t sure why it felt important to tell this child.

Lily translated. Rafael looked from the phone to Alec’s face, then back again, his brow furrowed in clear surprise. Alec waited. He’d heard kids say terrible things before now. Adults poured poison in their minds and then it came out of their mouths.

Lily laughed.

“He said,” Lily reported with unholy joy, “‘What is that cool man doing with you?’”

Alec said: “Rafael, give me back my phone.”

Teaser #4

"I said to stay down there with Jem,” Alec told Rafael.

Rafael gave him a look that was at once uncomprehending and insulting, and then his big boots slipped on the ridged terracotta tiles. Jem caught him before he hit the tile, and set him upright. If Rafael kept walking like this, he was going to skin his knees.

“You have to walk differently on roofs,” Alec told him. He took Rafael’s hands in his, showing him how. “Like this, because they slope. Do it like me.”


  • Some e-book copies mentioned that Maryse had a boyfriend with whom Alec and Magnus entrusted Max when they went out with the others. This was cut at the last minute during editing, though it remained in certain copies,[14] but it may still be canon and addressed in The Lost Book of the White.[15][16][17]
  • A new character in this installment will also be featured in The Red Scrolls of Magic,[18][19] possibly Juliette and/or Rose who recalled events set during the setting of the book.


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