The Dark Artifices is a trilogy written by Cassandra Clare and is the sequel series to The Mortal Instruments. It is the third series to be published in The Shadowhunter Chronicles, and is the fourth chronologically.

Set in Los Angeles in 2012, the series follows Emma Carstairs, Julian Blackthorn, Cristina Rosales, and the other residents of the Los Angeles Institute.



Audiobook editions

  • Lady Midnight was narrated by Morena Baccarin.
  • Lord of Shadows and Queen of Air and Darkness were narrated by James Marsters.


  • The poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe is part of the basis for The Dark Artifices.[1] The chapter titles from all three installments are all derived from Poe's works.
  • The series title, "The Dark Artifices", was taken from "The Annals of Imperial Rome," a historical work written by Tacitus.[2] Within the series, "the Dark Artifices" refers to the Black Volume of the Dead.[3]
  • Ariadne Blackthorn, who was part of the original set of announced characters in the series, was written off during the writing of City of Heavenly Fire.[4]
  • While the plan during the early stages of the book's development was to set the series in 2012,[5][6] Cassie shared that she was moving the setting to 2013,[7] before the final published version revealed that it was moved back to 2012.


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