“How like Downworlders... expecting the Clave to clean your mess up for you.”

This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. Improvements that may be done include grammar, style, formatting, and spelling.


This template will categorize articles into Category:Articles in need of cleanup. To use, type {{cleanup}} at the top of an article or a section. Add |section before the closing brackets to replace the word "article" with "section"; this is to be used when the template is placed beneath a section header and not at the top of the article.

Reasons must be stated in the template by adding the reasons parameter, elaborating some of the main points of the reason/s the cleanup template was added and enumerating specific cleanup tasks to make it easier for uses to cleanup. Further elaborate through an article's talk page or a forum post.

This is to be used if an article is not up to scratch, and doesn't match the Wiki's Manual of Style.

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