In her biography it says: "...For unknown reasons, Magdalena joined the Iron Sisters and eventually also joined the Circle...". How could that happen? It says in CoHF: "In six hundred years we have not abandoned our Citadel, said one of the Sisters...,". I thought once you go in and took the vows you cannot have contact with men, apart from the Silent brothers of course. Also just like with the S. Brothers there is a tangible change in them that comes with entering either group that is not only physical, their loyalty seems to be more focused in the Heavens/Angel. So, how could she have forged weapons with demonic alliance for Valentine inside the Citadel?. It also says that Adamas is "...manipulated, shaped and carved, by Iron Sisters, who use...forges in the Adamant Citadel that take fire from the heart of a volcano...", so how did Magdalena make the Cup for Sebastian in her apartment? did she have another volcano nearby for personal use or something?

Although I do realize that they have to go to the Silent city for the ceremony when they "bless" shadowhunter babys/children, and they also do the cutting of marriage runes. I am still confused as to how all that business with Magdalena and Valentine came to happen.Ollielover (talk) 06:33, July 17, 2019 (UTC)

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