Sunil Sadasivan is one of the mundane students and Ascension aspirants of Shadowhunter Academy after its reopening in 2008.


Sunil was among the first mundanes to try for Ascension after over a decade of no Ascension due to the Mortal Cup being missing, thought to be destroyed. Because of the Cup's retrieval and the dwindling of Shadowhunter numbers in the Dark War, Sunil was among several other aspirants.

Sunil was assigned to a room in the basement at the Academy, along with the other mundanes and students in the "dregs" stream, down the hall from George and Simon's room.[1] At one point, he became friends with Simon and his group.[2]

In 2008, Sunil was among the mundanes who spoke up and got into an argument with the Shadowhunter students about the way mundanes were treated, during Catarina's history class.[1]

When Isabelle Lightwood came to visit the Academy with her father, the Inquisitor and guest lecturer Robert Lightwood, Sunil tried very hard to catch her attention. When Isabelle invited the students to get in trouble with her, Sunil was among the many students who excitedly joined without much convincing. He also tried to coax Simon into joining them, upon Isabelle's request. When Isabelle told them that they were going to summon an imp demon, Sunil remained a willing participant. When it was later revealed to be a test and were chastised for their choices, Sunil shamelessly asked if they would be graded for it.[2]

On the day before Sunil and nine other students from their class were set to Ascend, the idea of potentially dying from drinking from the Cup proved too much for him and he decided not to go through with it. He left the Academy that night without saying goodbye to his friends and instead had Milla pass on a note to them to explain his departure. Two other students, namely Leilana and Boris, left that night. His friend Marisol Garza resented his decision.[3]


Sunil is said to be somber and serious.



  • Sunil has four pet rabbits that he always talks about and was always particularly concerned about little Ringo getting picked on by his bigger brothers.[2]
  • Sunil admired and saw Alec Lightwood as an inspiration to pursue becoming a Shadowhunter.[4]


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