The Starkweather family is an old Shadowhunter family.


The Starkweathers were known for being cruel and murderous towards Downworlders in the generations preceding the signing of the Accords.[1] At one point, they were so horrible in their torture of Downworlders that the Fair Folk got their revenge by kidnapping Adele Starkweather as an infant and replaced her with a sickly human child. The Starkweather family was in charge of running the York Institute until the late 1800s, a position they most likely lost upon the death of Aloysius Starkweather.[2]

By the 20th century, the family had apparently become rather poor and not as well-respected in the Shadowhunter society as some of the other old families.[3]


CJ Starkweather ring

The Starkweather family symbol is a bolt of lightning.

Family tree

Unnamed wife
Aloysius S.
Unnamed wife
Unknown S.
Richard G.
Adele S./Elizabeth
Unnamed demon
Elizabeth M./Adele
Will H.
Tessa G.
Jem C.
Unknown generations
Hodge S.


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