• For general discussions about the novel aspect of The Shadowhunter Chronicles. This is the place for your questions and clarifications, observations, opinions, analysis, reviews, theories, spoilers, etc. about the series, characters, elements, etc.

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  • This board is for discussing "Shadowhunters", the television adaptation series of The Mortal Instruments. Threads to be opened for each episode a few hours after initial airing.

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  • For conversations about the wiki or topics that do not exactly fall under the book/TV series, such as the film, manga, graphic novel adaptations, video game(s), fanfic or RP ideas, fancasts, giveaways, and other real-world aspects related to the series.

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  • Notice something that needs to be fixed? Have questions or suggestions about the wiki's system or rules, or something else on the wiki? Need help or clarification from admins or staff members? Ask here! (Not for questions about the series.)

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  • For general news, updates, announcements from admins & staff regarding wiki-related issues and changes being applied to be discussed with the community. (Teasers, snippets, new information about the series should now go to their respective boards.)

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  • This board is for off-topic conversation — a place to hang out with your Nephilim or Downworlder friends.

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