No! I will be the greatest adamas worker that the Iron Citadel has ever seen, but it will not be because I accepted aid from you. It will be because of the work that I do with the aid of my sisters.

–Emilia refusing the help of a Greater Demon, Learn About Loss

Sister Emilia is an Iron Sister and an acquaintance of Brother Zachariah.


"Emilia" was born in California and grew up in the San Francisco Conclave. Before she was born, her mother suffered a miscarriage with her second child during an earthquake in 1906 in San Francisco. Excluding her unborn brother, Emilia had six siblings, all boys.

A young Emilia joined the Iron Sisters around the 1930s, wanting to "create" as opposed to the typical nature of a Shadowhunter. As her final task before she became a full-fledged Iron Sister, Emilia was sent to the Mysterious Merchants' Bazaar of the Bizarre, a Shadow Market that mysteriously opened in 1936, to retrieve a suspected stray adamas. She was joined by Brother Zachariah.

During their encounter with the Greater Demon Belial, Emilia resisted the temptation of accepting help from the demon, who offered her the guarantee that "name would be spoken for generations" in her field. She feared that Belial would trick her and instead make her infamous and was determined to become a great Iron Sister in her own right. With Zachariah's help, she got through Belial's illusions. Zachariah was then able to coerce the demon into closing the Market and giving up the adamas.

Emilia, in gratitude and sympathy for Zachariah's woes, asked Belial to give him and his parabatai Will Herondale time together as boys through a shared illusion. He threatened the demon that she would devote her life's work to creating a weapon that would be capable of killing him if he did not do as she asked, and he agreed. While Emilia napped next to Zachariah as the Market closed and the crowd dispersed, Zachariah got his illusion.[1]

In 2012, when the Iron Sisters rejected the Cohort and Horace Dearborn's rule, Sister Emilia heeded Julian Blackthorn's call for a war council and made a plan to deceive Dearborn with the new Mortal Sword Julian had procured.[2]

Physical description

Sister Emilia has dark hair.[2]



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