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“Their world was not the same shape as the one she knew.”

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Shanghai is a major port city in China, located on the coast and at the end of the Yangtze.



Found here is the Shanghai Institute, the seat of the local Conclave.


Shadow World

  • Downworlder Concession—in the 19th century, when Shanghai was being divided up into international concessions, the Downworlders of the city got their own concession. Today just about all the Downworlders in the city live within its borders (along with some Sighted mundanes).[1]
  • A Shadow Market can be found in the Concession. Because they do not have to use glamours or hide in this area, the Sunlit Shadow Market is open 24/7 as a market place.[1]
  • The city is also home to one of the greatest wonders of Downworld: The Celestial Palace. The Celestial Palace is a faerie run bookstore at the end of the Market.[1]


  • In the demon dimension of Diyu, there exists a Reverse Shanghai. All the same buildings exist but twisted and landscapes may find themselves inverted.[1]