The Shadowhunters' Wiki
The Shadowhunters' Wiki

Shadowhunter gear is unique and specially made by the Iron Sisters. Shadowhunters have basic gear for battle, hunting, protection, and every day carry. Most Shadowhunter gear are black and nondescript.[1]

Basic tools

  • Weapons (typically include one primary weapon, one ranged weapon, and two seraph blades)
  • Leather armor: well-processed black leather usually worn with trousers and flat-soled shoes. Created by the Iron Sisters, it is stronger than any mundane leather and capable of protecting the skin from most demon venom, ichor, and blades, while still allowing for swift and free movement. Bracers and greaves, traditionally of electrum, may be added as supplemental protective accessories for battle. These are typically Marked, both with runes of protection and strength and with more decorative symbols, such as family crests, Marks commemorating battles, names of angels invoked as protectors, and so on.[2]
  • Stele
  • Witchlight
  • Sensor


  • First aid kit
  • Wooden stakes (oak and ash)
  • Amulets of protection
  • Various other specialty and/or personal items
  • Assorted holy symbols from major world religions
  • Basic magic implements: chalk, iron filings, holy water, small vial of animal blood, etc.
  • Binding wire: made of silver, gold, and/or electrum; may also include nylon rope.[2]
  • Water gear: different from every day, "dry-land" gear; for going into the river, ocean, etc.; includes dive boots, water-resistant material, and waterproof belts.[3]