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The Scholomance is a Shadowhunter school where the most elite of Shadowhunters are trained to deal with demons and Downworlders.

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It had been open for centuries until it was closed in 1872, when the First Accords were signed, as a show of good faith that Downworlders and Shadowhunters were no longer at war.

A while after the Dark War in 2007, the Scholomance was reopened during the advent of the Cold Peace. Throughout the course of the Cold Peace, the Centurions were trained and taught at the Scholomance for the primary purpose, aside from the continuation of their research, of investigating cases involving faeries.[1]

In 2012, after Inquisitor Robert Lightwood was killed, Centurion Diego Rosales hid the faerie prince Kieran within the Scholomance to protect him from the Cohort. Kieran was eventually found and tormented by the Cohort at the Hollow Place until Diego, Rayan Maduabuchi and Divya Joshi rescued him and sent him away.[2]

After the Cohort, many of whom had been Centurions and instructors, isolated themselves within Idris, Jia Penhallow took over the institution. She was joined by her husband, Patrick, and occasionally by the warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina.[3]


The Scholomance trains the most elite Shadowhunters, particularly those that graduated with the highest honors from the Shadowhunter Academy. Before admittance, one had to pass a series of harsh tests. What was learned at the school was not to be shared with others. Students who graduate from the school become Centurions,[1] and the very best are considered part of the First Company, or Primi Ordines.[4]

The Scholomance is a castle, with towers and corridors carved into the side of a mountain in the Carpathians. It is said to be much harder and lonelier than the Academy, and some of the students have wound up failing out with nervous breakdowns.[1][3] The main entrance to the Scholomance is through the side of the mountain, though there were other exits, including a glass corridor that snaked through the waters of the lake to the other side.[2]

Known staff

Known students


  • In 2012, Catarina Loss is at the Scholomance.[1]
  • Ragnor Fell is set to teach at the Scholomance now that it is being revamped with new teachers and classes after the Clave's exile.[2]
  • Ty Blackthorn began attending the Scholomance around November 2012, accompanied by the ghost of his sister Livia.[3]
    • During their time there, Livvy discovered an inscription on the wall behind the headboard of Ty's bed which stated "I did not choose this life." It was signed with the year 1904 rather than a name.[3]