Rufus Hastings was a werewolf and a member of the Praetor Lupus.


Despite being a member of a noble organization, Rufus exhibited an arrogant and rude personality, even towards their leader. He was once assigned to Boston but ended up breaking the leg of his assigned charge and was called back to their headquarters.[1]

Months later, when the Praetor House was attacked by Sebastian Morgenstern and his army, he was among the few who survived the massacre. After the incident, he became a guest of the New York werewolf pack. Power-hungry, he saw an opportunity and, shortly after, began spreading discontent for their true leader, Luke Garroway, among the group, telling them that Luke was more a Shadowhunter than a werewolf. Because of Luke's absence, some members listened and began to question the loyalty of Luke and Bat, Luke's second-in-command.

Fed up with him, Maia Roberts called him out for his shenanigans. When Rufus hit Maia, Bat stood up to him and, as the leader in Luke's stead, kicked him out of the headquarters, stating that he had overstayed his welcome. Angered and insulted, Rufus finally challenged Bat for the leadership of the pack. Bat accepted, and the fight took place the following evening at Prospect Park.

It was before and during the fight that the other members realized that they did not want Rufus to become their leader. Throughout the battle, Rufus managed to overpower Bat. He was on the verge of killing him when Maia intercepted the battle and proclaimed her own challenge against Rufus. When Rufus drew "first blood", the fight commenced and became an official acknowledgement of the challenge. Maia threw dirt into his eyes, momentarily blinding him, and immediately killed him, stabbing his eyes with her claws that also went into his brain. Rufus died soon after, and Maia became the leader of the pack.[2]