Rose is the adopted faerie daughter of Juliette.


Post Mortal War

During Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane's visit to the Paris Shadow Market, Rose tried to pick Magnus's pocket. Alec caught her easily and pulled her in between two stalls. She was terrified. Alec, upon seeing her young appearance, started thinking about his lost brother, Max, and gave Rose some money before letting her go. He suspected she may have scammed him, but was content to be of help nonetheless. The following evening, Magnus and Alec were attacked by demons on the Downworld section of the Orient Express. Alec saved a werewolf woman named Juliette. The woman asked to return the favor. Alec asked her to find Rose and feed her. The woman then went back to Paris to find the faerie girl and eventually adopted her.[1]

Post Dark War

After the Dark War, Juliette went to Belgium to help fleeing faeries and adopted a goblin girl. The three of them then relocated to Buenos Aires, and Juliette took over the Buenos Aires Shadow Market to protect the local Downworlders. She also adopted a warlock boy.

When Alec came to the Shadow Market with Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray, Juliette asked Rose to fetch her brother and sister so they may be properly introduced.[2]

Physical description

Being a faerie, Rose is naturally beautiful, with blond hair and clear skin. She wears a crown of flowers and thorns.[2]



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