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Roland Loss is one of the descendants of Tobias Herondale's lost Herondale line.


At some point, Roland began performing magic shows at Shadow Markets and even became famous in the Downworld. He and his immortal adoptive great-grandmother Catarina Loss got into a fight when she tried to discourage him from using magic, and they parted badly and lost contact because of it.[2]

In 1936, Roland was among those who arrived for the Mysterious Merchants' Bazaar of the Bizarre in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He went with his faerie wife and their child.[3] The family was in hiding from the forces of the Unseelie King who sought to kill his wife and her child.[2] While doing a show, his wife spotted a goblin that seemed to have gotten their scent. The family fled very shortly after.

The Prince of Hell Belial was aware of their situation and informed Brother Zachariah about them, setting off a decades-long search for the lost Herondales.[3]

Over the years, Auraline shared some of her faerie magic with him to keep him young longer and help him live longer than any mortal normally could. However, eventually Roland died of natural causes. Not wishing to go on without him, Auraline laid down beside him and chose to die as well—as faeries can. Their child wept for the loss of them both.[4]

Physical description

Roland was said to be handsome, even in his sixties. He has bright blue eyes, a white moustache, and white hair with a black streak.[3]