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This rogue vampire of Boston was a vampire who was hunted down by the Clave for her alleged crimes.


According to the Clave, she killed several mundanes and thus broke the Covenant. Typically, vampire clans are allowed to handle infractions committed by members of their clan. However, her clan apparently surrendered her case to the Clave, who then turned it over partly to the recently-reopened Shadowhunter Academy as a sort of early training drill. The "twenty most promising students" of the first class of the Academy were selected to go on the mission.

The students were Portaled to an abandoned factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn where the vampire was hiding. Trained, full-fledged Shadowhunters lied in wait as the students hunted for the vampire, instructed to step in only when the students are put in danger.

The mundane student Simon Lewis volunteered to guard one of the building's exits and was accompanied by the Shadowhunter Jon Cartwright, who hid upon seeing the vampire arrive. The vampire knocked out Cartwright, and confronted Simon. She called him "Daylighter" and claimed to have known him in his past life. The vampire then asserted her innocence and tried to encanto him into letting her go, making Simon doubt himself even further.

She tried to escape but was stopped by Simon, and though Simon was able to put up a bit of a fight, she, being a vampire, still overpowered him. The vampire teased Simon about making him a vampire again, and told Simon that she won't kill him even if she could because she wasn't the monster the Clave was claiming she was. The girl constantly reminded Simon that he was once a Daylighter—a Downworlder, and that it was something no one, especially the Shadowhunters, will forget.

Before they could speak further, Isabelle Lightwood arrived and killed her, infuriating the confused Simon.

Physical description

The vampire had brown hair and looked to be around seventeen years old. She wore dark pink, horn-rimmed vintage glasses.


  • Simon referred to her as his type; aside from thinking she was cute, she was someone who was slightly similar to him because of how she looked on the day they met: with her brown hair, her glasses, and for wearing fandom merch (specifically a Star Trek shirt).


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