Richard Gray was the husband of Elizabeth Gray.


After Richard married Elizabeth, Axel Mortmain offered him a job to gain access to his dormant Shadowhunter wife.[1] Richard became Mortmain's head clerk.[2]

When Elizabeth's sister Harriet had a child out of wedlock, Richard and Elizabeth agreed to adopt the boy, who would be named Nate, to save Harriet from the shame.[3]

At one point, Richard grew suspicious of Mortmain's company's activities. Richard investigated, heard rumors of his occult activities and eventually confronted him. Mortmain told him about the Pandemonium Club, though he'd made it sound harmless to convince him, and took him and his wife to meetings with him, offering him membership. Even after months and several meetings however, Richard remained uninterested, but he and Elizabeth kept attending, supposedly eager to please Mortmain.[2]

Eventually, Mortmain sent an Eidolon demon who took his shape to sleep with his wife. Elizabeth became pregnant and later realized that something was wrong; she accepted help in the form of a clockwork pendant from Mortmain when he offered. Shortly after, Richard and Elizabeth secretly left London and moved to New York to escape Mortmain.[1]

He later died in a carriage accident with Elizabeth in the late 1860s. The ring he had always worn was found and kept by his adoptive son, Nate.[2]



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