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“Their world was not the same shape as the one she knew.”

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Regent's Park is one of the Royal Parks of London, situated in West London.


It's a vast, grassy area with a lake and boating amenities. There is also a small Italian white folly near the lake, complete with pillars, and apparently, a zoo.


In 1903, the younger set of the London Shadowhunters had an excursion at this park for a picnic. They indulged in several activities: some of the girls were sailing miniature boats; a few couples were seen walking along the beach; others gathered around picnic blankets to enjoy a spread of treats. Cordelia Carstairs believed this was the perfect setting for her to integrate herself within the Enclave and make friends with people whose parents could be influential enough to help her father.

However, the domestic peace they had grown used to was interrupted by demons attacking them in broad daylight—a feat that should have been impossible. A fight ensued and the Khora demons managed to severely wound and infect Piers Wentworth, Ariadne Bridgestock, and Barbara Lightwood. As suddenly as they had come though, the demons vanished, leaving the group wary and confused.

While the majority of them rushed to the Institute to be treated for injuries and report the incident, the Enclave speedily dispatched a large group to the scene to help those who were still there and investigate the attack. They later decided it a freak occurrence and set up extra patrols around the park before more such attacks began popping up all over London.[1]