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The Red Scrolls of Magic is the sacred text of the Crimson Hand.


Contrary to its name, the Red Scrolls of Magic is in fact a large book. Though its magic-related content is unknown, the rest are made-up orders and commandments written by Magnus Bane to cater to his indulgences when he started the cult.[1]

Known copies

In 2007, one modified copy was left by the members in their base in Venice for Magnus and Alec to find, hidden behind the wall from which a portrait of Asmodeus hung. This copy is bound in deep crimson-dyed calfskin with gilt letters set into the cover. Its pages are vellum that has turned yellow with age. Isabelle Lightwood was also able to find a copy of the original manuscript of the book at the New York Institute.[1]

Johnny Rook buried a ruby-encrusted copy of the Red Scrolls of Magic below his stall at the Los Angeles Shadow Market. Barnabas Hale found and kept it after Rook's death in 2012.[2]

Known passages

"Only the Great Poison, he who is handsome and wise and charming and handsome, can lead the faithful to Edom. So cater to the Great Poison with food and drink and baths and the occasional massage.
"The prince wishes only the best for his children. Thus, to honor his name, there must be a hearth crowded with only the finest of liquors and cigars and bonbons. Tithes of treasure and gifts showered upon the Great Poison symbolize the love between the faithful, so keep the spirits flowing and the gold growing, and always remember the sacred rules.
"Life is a stage, so exit in style.
"Only the faithful who make a truly great drink shall be favored.
"Offend not the Great Poison with cruel deeds or poor fashion.
"Seek the children of demons. Love them as you love your lord. Do not let the children be alone."

A copy of the book was modified by Shinyun Jung; the line "In times of trouble, remember: all roads lead to Rome" was added to lure Magnus and Alec to Rome.[1]



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