Ravenscar Manor is a large mansion and the home of Edmund Herondale's family. It is located near a small village in West Riding of Yorkshire in England.


The manor was owned by Axel Mortmain. When Edmund Herondale gambled away their home in Wales, Mortmain offered the house to him and his family in 1876, and they have since acted as custodians of the property.

When Will, Jem and Tessa traveled to the York Institute in 1878, Aloysius Starkweather referred them to the manor, which was listed as Mortmain's old address but was believed to be abandoned. When they went to investigate, they saw Will's sister, Cecily, enter the house. Upon this discovery, Charlotte Branwell hired Ragnor Fell to investigate how the Herondales came to live in Mortmain's old home.[1]

Will, Tessa, Cecily, and Gabriel Lightwood later used a Portal to secretly visit their parents at the manor,[2] since it was illegal to visit former Shadowhunters who have left the Clave. Visits became almost regular after that.[3][4]

Notable residents


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