Raveners are demon assassins from the Shadow World. They can be summoned by warlocks to capture and attack enemies. They have minimal intelligence and travel in hordes.


A Ravener has a slimy, long, scaled, black body, a long black tongue, multiple legs and claws, and an insectile cluster of eyes set dead center on top of its long domed skull. It seems like a cross between an alligator and a centipede, with a thick, flat snout, serrated teeth, and a barbed tail that whips from side to side. It is also said to resemble a scorpion with its crabbed, evil face. It possesses a row of sharp fanged teeth, which envenomate their prey with a deadly toxin. In time, their poison burns away the life of the victim, leaving only ash behind.[1]

It drools green saliva and can hang off of walls. Raveners are said to be stupid enough that they sometimes accidentally kill themselves by stabbing themselves in the neck with their tails.


In August 2007, Valentine Morgenstern paid a warlock to summon a pack of Raveners. When he and his men ransacked Jocelyn's apartment in search of the Mortal Cup and failed to find it anywhere, he left behind a Ravener demon to guard the house. Upon Clary's return, the demon attacked her, and planned to kill and eat her, since he wasn't told that a girl was involved. Acting on instinct, Clary shoved Jace's Sensor down its throat, and it choked on the runes. Jace arrived at Clary's apartment shortly after and found Clary knocked out on the floor, lying in a pool of the demon's blood with the dead demon on top of her.[2]

Later in September, during the fight on Valentine's ship, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle were attacked by a Ravener and a Drevak. Jace threw a seraph blade at the Ravener, detaching its poison sac which fell onto the Drevak's face and burst open, killing it in seconds. The Ravener bled to death immediately after, though its poison ate through the metal deck, causing Jace to fall into the belly of the ship.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In the film adaptation, the demon sent by Valentine was disguised as a dog and was killed by Jace instead of Clary. It is a shapeshifting amoeba demon; in its true form, it has a long, slimy body, an elongated mouth (that protrudes from within the mouth of its dog form in the film), and tentacle-like limbs tipped with mouths full of sharp teeth.[4][5]
  • In the TV adaptation, Ravener demons are shapeshifters whose natural form is humanoid-shape, with seemingly scaly, thick, and rough skin, and jaws that split open in four different directions. As in the film, the demon was killed by Jace instead of Clary.[6]


  • A Ravener demon was the first demon Clary ever killed.[2]


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