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Rahab demons are a kind of lesser demons.


Rahab demons are large bipedal demons that look and move slightly like lizards. They are blind; they have no eyes and instead has a row of serrated teeth on its forehead, or on the spot where their eyes should be. Its two sets of mouths are fanged and tusked. They are armed with sharp teeth, talons, and a long, forked tongue tipped with a bulb-shaped stinger. They also have a long, narrow, whip-like tail edged with razor-sharp bone.[1][2]

Because of their lack of sight, the demon, with its snout, relies on its sense of smell to track its prey.[2]


In 2007, Rahab demons were among the demons Valentine Morgenstern summoned to invade Alicante. One of them broke into Aline Penhallow's house and pulled her out into the streets. While outside, Aline was knocked to the ground by the demon which then attempted to rape her. Isabelle Lightwood arrived just in time and stopped the demon. When it fled, Aline chased it down and killed it.[3]

A Rahab demon was summoned by the Crimson Hand the same year. It guarded the villa used by the cult for its meeting before it was dispatched by Aline, Helen, and Alec. Aline was still visibly shaken by her encounter with the Rahab demon just weeks before, making her more determined to kill it.[2]


  • Early editions of City of Glass referred to the demon that attacked Aline as a "Rezkor" demon. It was changed to the Rahab demon in later editions.