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Praetor Scott was the head of the Praetor Lupus, a position he earned as a descendant of Woolsey Scott, until his untimely death in 2007.


The Scotts have been running the Praetor since the 1800s, from the time Woolsey founded the organization.

In 2007, Praetor Scott was visited at the Praetor House by one of his praetors, Jordan Kyle, along with his girlfriend, Maia Roberts, regarding the urgent matter of finding a cure for the gravely injured Luke Garroway. Calling Jordan one of his most promising graduates, he offered to discuss the issue in his office, where he would have normally turned them away.

When the Praetor learned of their predicament, he told them that the Praetor Lupus normally does not interfere with matters not related to new-fledged Downworlders, and that they do not prioritize werewolves. Jordan made a case by saying that werewolf packs are naturally transitional, hence all knowledge among them are varying and traditionally oral, with no official records, and they would not have the time to go around packs looking for a cure; the closest thing that they have to stored knowledge for werewolves, much like the archives of the Silent Brothers or the Spiral Labyrinth of the warlocks, is the collection of books in the Praetor House.

Still unconvinced, the Praetor was swayed when Maia told him about Luke being the lyncanthrope's representative on the Council, and that curing him would earn the Praetor Lupus a voice in the Council through Luke, a promise the Praetor later reminded Maia to ensure that Luke follows through.

The Praetor then went through their books and eventually found a salve that would clean Luke's blood of the demon poison and would, eventually, heal him. Before he dismissed them, he let them listen in on his meeting with the projection of Raphael Santiago, who told them about the new vampire, Maureen Brown, going on a killing rampage in the city, reflecting badly on his clan. Maureen was Praetor Nick's assignment, and when Jordan offered to help him, Praetor Scott insisted that Jordan focus on his own assignment, who happened to be the indirect reason Maureen Turned. Raphael told them that Simon Lewis was a dangerous Daylighter, and told the Praetor that he trusted him to be able to control his werewolves and patrol their tasks, new Downworlders being their responsibility, and said that he would have all of the vampires at his disposal hunt for and kill her if they do not find her first.[1]


Praetor Scott, like several others at the Praetor House, fell victim to the wrath of Sebastian Morgenstern. Some time after his death, it was Maia that found him in the water with his throat slit; it was also Maia whom the Clave would entrust the responsibility of once again starting up the Praetor Lupus.[2]

Physical description

Praetor Scott was a middle aged man with thick eyebrows, green-gray eyes, and blond hair streaked with gray.