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The Praetor House is the headquarters of the Praetor Lupus. Located on the North Fork of Long Island Sound, New York, it serves as the base and home of most of the Praetors.


Considered a place of rehabilitation, it is where rogue or new werewolves with no packs or homes are kept and allowed to remain as they adjust to their new lives. It is also the main training ground of the organization's new recruits, where they undergo the rigorous phase of their training and membership, before they are deployed and sent out to their individual tasks and assignments. Some members may choose to return to the House once their task has been completed.


It is a massive house built of golden stone blocks, the tawny color of wolf pelt, with a massive stone staircase leading up to black double doors of the entrance. In front of the house is a circular drive with a huge, functioning sundial in the middle, its face raised; the words "I only mark the hours that shine" are carved onto the edge of the dial.

In front of the entrance is a staircase leading up into upper levels of the house, with a sign on the wall next to it that enumerates the House rules. The office of the head Praetor is at the end of a long hallway, and found in the office is a library, with the Praetor's extensive collection of books on lycanthropy.

Praetors have rooms in the Praetor House, which remain theirs even after they graduate. Usually shared with a roommate, the rooms bear the semblance of ordinary college dormitory rooms, with two iron-framed beds on opposite ends of the room, and a bathroom attached to each room.[1]

House Rules

The house rules are posted in the hallway wall:

  • No shape-shifting in the hallways.
  • No howling.
  • No silver.
  • Clothes must be worn at all times. ALL TIMES.
  • No fighting. No biting.
  • Mark all your food before you put it in the communal refrigerator.