The Penhallow family is an old, wealthy Shadowhunter family who once ran the Beijing Institute. They are members of the Clave and currently reside in Alicante. The current matriarch of the family, Jia Penhallow, divides her time between Idris and the Forbidden City, Beijing, like her parents did.


The Penhallows live in a large house on Princewater Street in Alicante; aside from this, the family also owns a manor outside the city. In 2007, the Lightwoods stayed with the Penhallows in preparation for the signing of the Tenth Accords, before they moved out after the death of the youngest of the family, Max. The Lightwoods had briefly blamed the Penhallows for allowing the impostor "Sebastian" into their home. The same year, Jia was named Consul.

Known members

Family tree

Unnamed male
Unnamed female
Patrick P.
Jia K.
Sebastian V.
Aline P.
Helen B.


The Penhallow family symbol is mountains.