Patrick Penhallow is the husband of Jia Penhallow and the father of Aline.



Patrick was a member of the Circle in its early founding days, though he left once he realized how serious Valentine was about his campaign.

Some time after, Patrick was set to marry a woman whom his parents had picked out for him. Instead, he left Idris and ran off to the Beijing Institute where he married Jia, causing something of a scandal in the Shadowhunter world. Luke once stated that Patrick was never one to follow the rules.

During the trial of the Lightwoods, as well as other members of the Circle, after the Uprising, Patrick and his wife voted for leniency, an act for which the Lightwoods have always been grateful.

Mortal War

For the signing of the Tenth Accords, Patrick and Jia allowed his nephew Sebastian Verlac and the Lightwoods, who had remained good friends of the family over the years, to stay in their home in Idris. He also attended the Clave meeting where the impending battle against Valentine's army was discussed. He witnessed Valentine's Projection into the Accords Hall and his murder of Inquisitor Aldertree.

Patrick and Jia were shocked when Robert and Maryse confronted them about their nephew Sebastian killing their youngest son, Max. The pair of parents had a brief falling out, though they eventually found out that it had been Valentine's son posing as their nephew who killed Max.

When Clary Fairchild suggested to the Clave the use of her Alliance rune, Patrick lent her his stele as hers had gotten lost. Patrick was among those who agreed to have the rune placed on him, and he partnered with a warlock during the battle against Valentine's army of demons, which they won. Patrick attended Valentine's funeral and was the one who burned his pyre, and he and his family later attended the victory party at Angel Square.[1]

Some time after, Aline, inspired by Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane's kiss before the war, came out to Patrick and Jia, admitting to them and herself that she was a lesbian. Aline met and began dating Helen Blackthorn, despite the Clave's disapproval and Patrick's initial reservations,[2] as he was dismayed about the end of his branch of the Penhallows.[3]

Patrick's wife, Jia, soon became the new Consul.[2]

Dark War

Patrick and his wife once again welcomed guests into their home—this time, the Consul's residence—when the family of Aline's girlfriend needed a place to stay after Sebastian attacked the Los Angeles Institute.

When the Downworld representatives, and Jocelyn Fray, went missing after a meeting, Patrick and a team of guards searched the city for any sign of them. He was also among the group of Shadowhunters who discussed whether to give into Sebastian's demands or not. He and Jia fought hard against the very idea.

When they learned that Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, and Alec had escaped Alicante, Jia was frantic while Patrick was calmed by Alec's presence, believing that Alec would be the adult and would look after the rest. Patrick pointed out that they were likely where Sebastian was, as they were all untraceable.

During the invasion of the Endarkened, the Seelie armies, and the Wild Hunt, the Penhallows were all at the Gard. They then went down and joined the battle in Angel Square.[3]

Cold Peace

A few months after the Dark War and the enforcement of the Cold Peace, Patrick attended Jocelyn and Luke's wedding at Three Arrows Farm along with his family and their Shadowhunter and Downworlder friends.[3] Patrick's daughter Aline went to Wrangel Island with her girlfriend, Helen,[4] who'd been exiled to the island after the war for her faerie heritage. The two wed the following year.[5]

In 2012, when Diana Wrayburn found out that the blight that was turning off Shadowhunter magic was spreading to Idris, Patrick was among the Shadowhunters who went with Robert to investigate the blight in the Brocelind Forest.[6] He also took Manuel Villalobos with the team, not yet realizing the Cohort's plots at the time.

During the battle against the Cohort and the Unseelie fey on the Imperishable Fields, Patrick stayed in the city, working with Carmen Delgado Mendoza and the Silent Brothers to keep the Shadowhunters inside Alicante safe.[7]


After the Cohort's defeat, Patrick attended the meeting in the Council Hall. When Jia announced she was stepping down as Consul, Patrick was unsurprised and refused to take her place when someone suggested his name in the nominations for the new Consul, stating that his wife and daughter had given enough to the Clave and that his family deserved to be allowed some rest. He was also the first person to whisper into the vial when it was time to vote for the new Consul, handed to him by Jia.

When Alec Lightwood was named Consul, the Cohort forced non-believers out of Idris and Patrick went with his wife and the Blackthorns to Los Angeles through the Portal that Clary created. Shortly after, he attended Magnus and Alec's wedding on the beach near the Los Angeles Institute with his family and friends.[7]



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